Home Game Guides What are Fjordur Runes in ARK: Survival Evolved? – Answered

What are Fjordur Runes in ARK: Survival Evolved? – Answered

What are Fjordur Runes in ARK: Survival Evolved? – Answered
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The frosty new Fjordur map in ARK: Survival Evolved is here, and there’s lots to see and do. With beautiful vistas and massive landscapes to explore, you just know the developers are going to hide secrets away, and they did just that with the brand-new Runes. Today, we’re answering the question: what are the Fjordur Runes in ARK: Survival Evolved? Read below to find out!

Explaining the Fjordur Runes in ARK: Survival Evolved

You’ve probably already started exploring Fjordur if you’re a diehard ARK fan, and you may have come across floating red stones. These mysterious stones are called Runes, and there are exactly 200 of them scattered across all of Fjordur.

Remember the Explorer Notes from the previous maps? Runes are basically the Fjordur equivalent, as while they don’t provide any lore or backstory, they do reward you with bonus XP and level ups. Collecting 100 Runes earns you five levels, which means you’ll get a total of ten levels if you manage to collect all 200 Runes.

As mentioned, Runes give off a very noticeable red glow. They’re surrounded by a flowing red energy current, so they’ll usually catch your eye when you’re close to one. This is crucial because even though there are a lot of them, they’re pretty well hidden and challenging to find. If you’re on PC, you can hold H to see how many you currently have, as denoted by the icon in the bottom right corner.

A Rune hidden in a dark cave. Even without the Torch, we were able to spot it thanks to its signature red glow.

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While the levels and bonus XP are great, most players are going to go after these things because collecting all of them is one of the requirements to wield the Mjölnir. The Mjölnir is a legendary hammer wielded by Thor, the god of thunder. In ARK: Survival Evolved, it’s a weapon skin reward for conquering pretty much the entirety of ARK.

That concludes our guide on figuring out just what the Fjordur Runes are in ARK: Survival Evolved. If you have any other questions about them, ask away in the comments below!

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What are Fjordur Runes in ARK: Survival Evolved? – Answered


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