In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our West Game tips and cheats to help you build the best town in the Wild West and help you manage it like a pro sheriff. 

You will have to deal with quite a lot of structures, so it is important that you know how to properly deal with any… misfortune that comes your way (such as bandits invading your town) and not lose anything in the process. Since there are quite a lot of tasks at hand, I’ll walk you through everything that you need to know!

So, are you ready? Then let’s get right into the West Game tips and tricks right here below! 

Firstly make the buildings as the game quest line suggests

The main quest line can be found in the bottom right side of the screen. Here you will see quite a few quests and you can see their requirements for completion. You can also just tap on them on the main screen in the middle bottom side, and that will take you exactly where you need to be for completing that quest.

The rewards you receive from these quests are very useful, as they will help you gain resources and level up, and that is good when you are just staring the game. They will also walk you through all the buildings that you need to construct in order to have a completed town, so I suggest that at start you follow these quests.

As for later on in the game, I have found a slightly different method – I’ll detail more about this below!

Once you built a lot, focus on each individual building

After you have managed to build multiple structures, you should start making upgrades and building more. The best way that I have found is to always make the upgrades to the max as soon as you can, without the game actually requiring it of you. 

By maxing out the buildings level for the current Town Center level, this will help you keep your town upgraded to its maximum in all circumstances, so it’s something that I have found works best for me. 

Therefore my suggestion would be that you upgrade the buildings as much as you can to be at the maximum for the current Town Center level, and whenever you make a new upgrade to the Town Center you go back and upgrade each and every building in part. 

Join an active Alliance

I suggest that you take your time and find a good and active Alliance to join because it is a super important feature. Of course, if you can’t find one at the very beginning of the game, then don’t worry! Just make all the upgrades as I have suggested above and soon you will have a very powerful town.

Once your town is strong enough, you will most definitely find an Alliance much easier. The reason that it’s important for you to join an active Alliance, is because you can receive lots of construction speed ups from other players. They will help you build the structures much faster, so if you are in a good and active Alliance, then you will basically build faster.

Use speed ups until you can make the upgrade for free

The speed ups will help you upgrade the buildings by cutting down on that time quite a lot! Use the speed ups mostly on the Town Center and other buildings that are super important when it comes to what you have to upgrade, because they are basically the key features in your town. 

I always use speed ups for the Town Center and the Academy, because I like to research quite a lot. You should use the speed ups wisely though, and not waste them in the early stages of the game because if you joined an Alliance, then just from the help alone you will finish the upgrades really fast.

I suggest that you use these speed ups later on in the game, when it takes a few hours to make the upgrades. If you are starting a Town Center upgrade (which takes longer than the other buildings) you should focus on doing other stuff in the game and start up the upgrade before you go to bed, and that way it will be finished by the morning. 

That, if you don’t want to use speed ups of course. Else, spend those Speed Ups to quickly finish the long upgrades ONLY after you have requested full aid from your Alliance (for the maximum construction speed decrease time).

Don’t forget to build for free!

Every time a building has less than 10 minutes, you can finish the upgrade for free! This is super good because whenever you have a free building (or upgrade) available, you don’t need to wait for it to finish and instead just hit the “free” button and the building process is complete!

I suggest that you take this into consideration when you use speed ups so that you won’t waste speed ups to go all the way to 0:00 with the construction timer, and instead leave just about less than 10 minutes to finish the upgrade for free.

Complete the quests!

In the Quest tab on the bottom side of the screen you will have a few quests which you can do to obtain other goodies such as Sheriff EXP and resources. I suggest that you complete them every day before they reset (because they reset every 6 hours) and gain all the goodies from them!

You should start with the lower time quests, and leave the higher timed ones for later. That way even if you can’t finish them all before reset, at least you will finish most of them. 

Go to the Academy and research!

I really urge you to go to the Academy (next to the Town Center) and start researching some extra skills there, because they will come in handy later on.

 best you should focus on at start is the Economics -> Construction, because any little help towards speeding up the construction is good. Afterwards, focus on any other skill that you can acquire, because eventually you should have all of them learned!

These would be all of our West Game tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other cool and helpful game tips? Share them with us down in the comments section below!


    • 1) There are silver mines on the map, but they’re more scarce than the other open resources such as farms, stone quarries, etc. You just have to scroll around and look for them.
      2) Build more cabins to produce more silver yourself.
      3) Attack other players. If you win, you’ll take some of their silver.

  1. how do you leave one state to go to another. I have a friend also playing but he is in a different state. mine is # 10 his is # 11. how do i move to 11 ?

    • Wait he will be released when that person applies a peace shield or is released by that person or is captured and released by someone else attacking that person who first captured your sheriff he can be executed but you have to be at certain levels in the game

  2. Any tips on beating bandit gangs I can solo lvl 2 gangs I have an army of 160k t3 and was wondering if mixing t1&t2 units in there would be a good idea someone mentioned that meat shields are pretty effective? IDK as an alliance we can beat a 7mil force lvl3 gang but I would like to be able to solo a lvl 3 gang without needing t4 units my tc is lvl18 it’s gonna take forever to get to 21 than the research for t4 is probably a month if the trend continues

    • You won’t lose any troops, and any that you do you will get back, you may need to heal a small portion in the hospital, but if it were me, send them all. JMO.


    • 1. The C.R.I.C. principle:
      Calvary defeats Range
      Range defeats Infantry
      Infantry defeats Calvary

      2. Before attacking, first get a scouting report to show the enemy forces:
      – Get the LEVEL of enemy forces.
      – Get the TYPES of enemy forces.

      3. Based on the level and types of enemy forces, plan your attack. Send sufficient troops of the highest level and type to defeat them.

      Example: The enemy has 15k level 2 Infantry and 20k level 2 Range.

      You should send 35k (or more) level 2 (or higher) Range.
      1) Send at least 20k level 2 Range to match his level 2 Range.
      2) Send at least 15k level 2 Range to defeat his level 2 Infantry.

      Note that these numbers are the MINIMUM. It is advisable to send more, to overwhelm the enemy.

      4. Everything defeats traps, but send them as a wall. The lowest things you send get attacked first, thus traps will get hit while your troops survive to attack the enemy. Send at least as many as the total count of the enemy’s troops.

    • The best way is to use RESOURCES as you need them leaving the rest in your inventory for safe keeping lets call it your safety resources that can not be touched until your ready for them

    • What do you mean ?? the monument is a building that is part of the set up if you haven’t got one then maybe you have to many resource buildings for it to be built. have you completed building your town ???? The monument looks similar to a clock tower.

  3. Is there any advantage to forging more than one piece of the same equipment such as Wood cane I have 2 of them but encrusted with different crystels ///

    • the crystals do different things so you can have one that you boost specifically for fighting and one for Farming, just switch between the two depending on what you are doing

    • if its the Alliance your In goto the alliance tab at the bottom right of your screen, the alliance Headquarters location is listed in blue, press this and it will go to the location, choose a spot on the map and then select move, as long as you have an advanced tele you will move there

    • Heal and resurrect your troops (at the hospital and memorial) and repair your traps (at the Defense factory). The fires will go out eventually.

    • Are you a Chancellor? if you are then go to Alliance Tab at the bottom right of your screen, where your current HQ location is there is an arrow in a circle, press this and it takes you to the screen to move your HQ/Alliance Territory

    • yes, as long as your market is LVL10 or above.
      Click your market then choose transport, it shows you the alliance members list, choose the member you want to send it to

  4. I’ve been in an alliance for some time now and have not participated in the AVA. I recently tried but got very little directions. When told to teleport out I didn’t know what to do. Later I, along with some other people were reprimanded for not doing our part. I want to know what I am supposed to do for these events.

    • Option 1: Mount an attack against the town, if the attack is strong enough, your sheriff will be released.
      Option 2: Send an email to the player who captured your sheriff, and ask him to release him. It’s worth a shot.
      Option 3: Some players have no intention of executing the sheriff, and he’ll just be released automatically after 6 hours I think.

    • 1. Click on your warehouse (barn-looking building north of your tracks). Check your Protection level. Up to that amount can be kept in your inventory and it can’t be stolen. Note that silver is not listed, it’s not protected.
      2. Store all silver, and any resources that exceed your warehouse protection level, in the Alliance Warehouse. Only withdraw it when you need it (for research, building upgrades, etc).
      3. Camp your players and sheriff to protect them.

    • At low levels there’s only one queue for building. I never made it higher than level 12, so I don’t know if you eventually get more queues for that. As level 12 I had 3 transport queues, so I could gather resources from 3 places simultaneously.

  5. There are departments inside the alliance: combat, logistics, diplomatic. What is the purpose of these departments? Are there benefits to being in one of those departments?

  6. Please respond I see so many no answer…at least say I do not know.

    How do I increase my backpack in blacksmithing when I want to forge says I have no room plz increase back pack……where do I go todo this…..and if I’m on fire…..can it be put out…or most burn out?

  7. Is it smart to transport resources to the Alliance Warehouse? Does it cost a percentage of my resources or do I gain interest on them? Is there a scenario where I could potentially lose them?

    • Safely Storing Resources (rss)
      1. Your warehouse is the barn-looking building just North of your tracks. Click on it to see your rss protection level. Keep up to this limit of each rss (food, wood, stone, and iron) in your inventory, and it won’t get stolen. Note that silver is not protected.
      2. The Alliance Warehouse is the second place to store resources. Keep all silver there when not in use. Keep other rss there that exceed your own warehouse’s protection level. Only withdraw them when needed (for upgrades, research, etc).

  8. As you look for an alliance to join, look around their area. If they are near a larger body of water, better yet, several bodies of water, that is the alliance to join if they meet your other criteria. Silver mines pop up in water or at the edges. Last thing you want to do is have an 8+ minute march to gather silver…

  9. Is there anyway to get more construction queues? Most games allow you to buy a second or 3rd and I can’t find any such thing is this game. Please help :)

  10. Is there anyway I can get more advanced teleports without paying 600,000 loyalty points or 1500 gold bars… it’s too costly to attack somebody…

  11. How can I recall my troops when attacking, my items say I have 2 recalls but there is no use button when my troops are marching and when I click on the march it only gives me boost options and no recall?

  12. Some alliances have a red symbol by their town. It seems hard to clear out even a level one bandits town in our area. What is up with the gang of bandits?


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