Welcome to the Dungeon Cheats & Tips for the Ultimate Strategy Guide


Welcome to the Dungeon is a bit Dungeon Keeper, a bit trading card game RPG, a bit something else. The idea is that you control an evil dungeon and you have to defeat the heroes that want to kill your monsters. And since there are so many great things to do and achieve, we have decided to create this Welcome to the Dungeon cheats and tips article, providing you with an ultimate strategy guide for the game, one that will hopefully help you get the most out of it, get the best monster cards and strengthen them to the maximum level!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Welcome to the Dungeon cheats and tips in our guide below:

1. Have all elements
There are three elements in the game: fire, water and nature and you should have one monster of each element in order to increase your chances of getting the most out of the battles.

2. Know how the elements work
An element is strong against one element, regular against the same element and weak against the third. Know how the elements work and always choose the strong one to gain the advantage. For the record, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Nature and Nature beats Water.

3. Select the best monsters
And by “best monsters” I don’t only mean the ones with the highest star count – I hope that is pretty obvious. But eventually, you will have a ton of monster cards in your inventory and each of them has different powers. Make sure that you always pick the one with the most powerful super attack and stats, otherwise you will have a tough time in the dungeons.

4. Watch the battles
Whenever your monsters are attacked, there is a blue bar filling up. Once it fills up completely, a button appears above your monster’s head and if you tap it, you trigger the monster’s special power. Be careful to do it at the right time, because otherwise your monster can get killed before you tap the button. That’s why I would suggest to either run all battles on the regular speed, or go from the fast forward to regular speed when your blue meter is about to fill up completely. Not using the monster’s super power might be the difference between a lost battle and one that you have won.

5. Strengthen or evolve your Monsters
Each monster has a level cap and you should strengthen them all the way up to that level. You do this by using monster cards that you summon with coins. Try strengthening your best monsters first (4 stars and up) because the other cards, even leveled up, will become useless in the later stages of the game, so you will have wasted upgrade cards on them. Try to keep them even instead of maxing one out, because you need at least one of each element of a high enough level to beat the heroes attacking you.

6. Save your Gems for special cards
You earn gems relatively easy for leveling up your terror meter and you should wait and get 40 of them in order to summon a super duper monster using 40 diamonds. That’s one monster you’ll be happy to have!

7. Keep testing different strategies
Personally, I don’t like to bring into battle monsters that heal themselves, but you might have a different strategy. Test different types of monsters and see which works the best in your dungeon, then repeat over and over again until you complete the level. There’s a ton of fights to be had and even more monster types with various monster powers, some better than others. Poison, for example, remains active for as long as the affected hero is alive, even if the monster dies. Now that’s a cool power!

These are for now our tips and tricks for Welcome to the Dungeon. If you have other strategies that work, don’t hesitate to share them with us by commenting below.

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Welcome to the Dungeon Cheats & Tips for the Ultimate Strategy Guide


  1. Do you think it’s worth saving 40 gems for 1 summon of guaranteed rank 5 or 6, or just spend the same amount of gems for 8 summons with an additional chance of hitting rank 3 and 4? How far have you progressed through the game?

    • i waited for 40 gems the 1st time and got a 5 star leveled monster, since then I have been doing the 5 gem one, I have done it 3 times and received 2 3-star monsters and 1 6-star monster.

      Just my experience, and I think I will be taking my chances with the 5 gem option

  2. Discovered hack for getting free gems every dungeon run. The amount you get is random, you get either 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 like the gem spinner. All you have to do: the gem bar displayed at the end of a dungeon run that keeps track of your runs & on the tenth run you get to spin the gem wheel for a free gems; so the last dungeon you just newly discovered, where it allows you to gain infamy on a run, well run dungeons til your gem bar is at 9 runs.. One away from getting to spin the wheel (sorry if your already at 9 & reset the whole thing trying to figure out what run you’re on, there’s no other way to find out) and just be aware it has to be 9, nothing less or more. After that, go back one dungeon & do as many dungeon runs as you want.. After every run you do you should notice your gems go up. This has been tested on android phone and iPhone, as well as multiple devices all different accounts. If this does not work for you then you did something wrong or maybe by the time you read this they fixed the bug. If it does work congrats & enjoy your free gems as long as you can til they do fix it :)

    P.S sorry if my directions are confusing to some, I tried to be as descriptive as I could so everyone could understand.


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