Expelled from school with nowhere to go, Ted’s life seems to be heading into a downward spiral. When his friend approaches him with a weed firm opportunity, he jumps on it and now he needs your help running the ultimate Weed Firm! In our Weed Firm tips and tricks guide, we’ll show you how to manage your cash wisely, get the most cash out of clients, and of course keep your business discreet.

Managing your Resources Wisely

The early portions of Weed Firm are perhaps the most challenging, as you have barely any resources to work with. Everything you need – pots, water, seeds – comes from the shop and you need cold hard cash to buy them.

To earn money, you have to sell your weed, and then you use that money you get back to grow more weed. This cycle seems simple, but there are a few tricks that you can do early on to ensure that you don’t waste anything. This is the core of Weed Firm‘s gameplay loop – make good deals and be efficient with all of your resources!

Growing Bush Weed Effectively

The first type of weed you can grow is Bush Weed. One package contains enough seeds to grow 10 weed, and it costs 50 cash. Bush weed takes three minutes to grow when watered.

It takes 5 small water bottles to fully water a pot to 100%. As your weed continues to grow, the soil will dry up as indicated by the water meter to the left of the pot. For bush weed, it takes roughly 140% water in total to fully grow (in the regular clay pot and without the aid of fertilizer).

Since a bush weed pack is 50 cash, and 7 small water bottles are needed to fully grow it, one pack of bush weed is about 120 cash. This is to give you a rough estimate of how much you should be selling your weed at.

One more thing to keep in mind is to not over water your weed. There is no literal over watering mechanic, but you can waste water if you’re carelessly watering. When a weed is done growing, the next seeds you plant will always start at 0% water, regardless of how much water was left in the pot.

When you have weed close to finishing, make sure not to use more water than you need. This is very important early on when sales are tough!

Making the Most Cash from your Clients

When you hear a knock at the door, it’s time to greet your customers. You’ll be approached by all sorts of different people – DJs, dancers, nurses, telemarketers, neighbors, homeless people, and more. Take note of them and you’ll start to see patterns.

Talk to a client and they’ll give you an upfront offer. If it sounds good, great – take it and roll in the dough. You have more options if the immediate offer isn’t any good, but it’s risky!

The first option is to use one weed to roll them a joint. They’ll get high and their mood will change – for better or worse! Clients might buy more weed and offer a ton of cash for it, or they’ll lessen the deal or simply just relax and hang out with you, causing you to miss out on a sale. For the most part though, rolling a joint for your clients results in a better deal, so don’t be afraid to do it.

Unique Client Actions

Most clients have a special action that is unique to them, indicated by the button at the bottom right corner of the screen when you’re talking to them.

These unique interactions have a variety of results, and you never know what’s going to happen. They’re a risky gamble just like rolling a joint, but it can work out in your favor.

For example, one of the early customers you’ll be seeing a lot is Mona, your ex-girlfriend. Her unique action is “rolling the sex dice”. Make of that statement whatever you want, but this action will either reward you or take away a bunch of experience for your current level. This is very risky and should only be done when you’re at the beginning of a new level when you don’t really have anything to lose.

You’ll unlock more client actions as you level up, and you won’t have many at first. Try them all and see if you like taking the risks!

Complete Tasks

Every time you level up, you’re given a new set of tasks that can be seen on the chalk board. Each task is worth a good amount of experience points, so they’re the key to leveling up fast. Leveling up unlocks new items to buy from the shop which is the main form of progression.

Keep Cash on Hand for Emergencies

From level 3 onward, gang thugs may randomly show up at your firm. They’ll be marked with a danger symbol so that you know to respond to the door, and they’ll also have a unique knocking sound.

Make sure you respond, because if you take too long they’ll force their way in and steal all of your weed and cash! To make them go away you have to pay them a large sum of cash, usually around 900, to ensure the safety of your firm.

That’s all of the tips we have for Weed Firm. If you have any other helpful tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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