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We Happy Restaurant Cheats: Tips & Guide to Attract Customers and Upgrade Machines

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

These We Happy Restaurant tips and cheats we are going to share with you in today’s article will show you everything you need to do in order to upgrade your restaurant to be the best in the world and attract all kinds of customers (and we really mean all kinds of customers)!

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Since this game doesn’t really care about the morals or ethical of the real world, we are not going to bat an eye on that either, so we will feed all the customers until they can’t take it anymore! If you are on the same page as us, then this guide will show you everything you need to know in order to make your restaurant the best out there!

So, enough with the introductions. Let’s get right into the We Happy Restaurant tips and tricks!

Build the machines

By building more machines you increase the items that customers can order. Be it mercury drinks or bio-pizza, the customers will keep asking for more and more, so you should be prepared to deliver!

When you first start the game, you will have quite a lot of money. I suggest immediately investing them into the machines, and unlocking new machine slots. This is going to let you have more types of customers and, of course, types of meals.

The machines you can build are:

– Burger Radiator: Makes delicious hamburgers!

– Chicken Oven: Slightly genetically mutated chickens to satisfy everyone’s needs!

– Bio-Pizza Machine: Pineapple on a pizza is nothing compared to what this machine can do in terms of pizza toppings.

– Mercury Pump: Delicious beverages, potentially harmful.

– Tofu Fermenter: Want to try cutting down on meat and stuff? Well… not quite what you’d have expected.

– Exotics Synthetizer: Exotic food is just one step away! Eyes on a plate or mutated squids are the new delicacy!

Some customers will request slightly more complicated food that you don’t have access to until you will have built the more expensive machinery, but until you do so, try making the other ones suffice and gather enough money with them to upgrade and build the more advanced machines.

Help people digest? (Oh yes, that’s a thing now)

Since you run a very healthy business, you can also help your customers digest! This is not as gross as it sounds fortunately, since it only implies you tapping on the customers eating and selecting “Tap to Digest”. This will make them consume more and keep the rush going, by not letting them rest!

As I said before, the game doesn’t care about morals whatsoever so you are free to fill everybody up with food until they turn green and purple, literally, and then explode. We’ll get into the explosions later, but until then, make sure you help people digest if you want them to buy lots of food!

Customers and how they level up

Customers will often make questionable food purchases, which eventually will turn them (as in mutations). Those customers, normally have some food preferences, but once they develop and level up, their food preferences will change, usually to the more upgraded version of that.

By eating meals, customers’ level improve, and eventually will become eternally satisfied and explode, leaving behind a lot of money (now that’s morally wrong). To see the stage of a customer’s level, just tap on the customer and you will see the required meals needed for the next level.

Always make sure when you persuade them, that you have, first and foremost, the required food needed for them. Don’t try to persuade the customers that give a lot of money but you can’t feed, because you will end up having them leave the restaurant angry.

Angry customers? This is how you deal with them!

As mentioned above, if the customers don’t have the required food, they will get angry. You can try using the resell option, or simply let them leave because there is really not much you can do about it. I suggest not persuading customers that require food you don’t have, because that’s a complete waste of money persuading them.

Big lines, let’s speed it up!

When you will have long lines of people waiting to be serves, you can tap on the counter and keep on tapping the “Speed Up” button, to make the waiter bang his head against the counter and speed up the process of making food (apparently that’s how it works). Some more advanced foods will require more tapping to speed up the process, but the early foods are quite fast.

Whenever you are done with serving the clients, don’t forget to tap on the money you see there! The money won’t disappear after a while, but I find it more satisfying to just tap to collect them rather than wait for the game to collect the money.

Change the design of the restaurant!

You can always change how the restaurant looks! It’s not going to affect the gameplay, but it’s a great way to entertain yourself while playing. Have you tried the gameboy tables? How about the chocolate biscuit ones? Well, you can make a lot of unique combinations here to entertain yourself while the customers are knocking themselves out.

You can also upgrade the restaurant! Each upgrade is going to unlock new tables to fit more customers! This expansion of the restaurant will basically let you have more machines and serve more customers, but also the bathrooms will get bigger (yeah, there are bathrooms too!).

Complete the mini tasks for more money

By completing mini tasks you will gain more and more money with each task completed. This is a great way to gather money for the restaurant or machine upgrades, so make sure you try to persuade the right customers if the tasks ask you that!

Rainbow glowing, tap away!

On the bottom of the screen you will see a, experience bar that is rainbow colored. Once this bar fills up, you will have basically leveled up, and you should tap on it. It will reward you with lots of money, which will be extremely helpful for persuading those new customers.

Tap the hipster with the TV

In front of the restaurant there will be a weird guy every day, a hipster carrying a TV (and not even a LCD display one, but a big ol’ TV box). He will offer you to watch a limited number of ads daily, which will reward you with Green essence. Each ad gives out 5 Green Essence, so if you want to gather those quickly, I suggest always watching all the ads available (it’s worth it!).

Unlock the Warehouse and Sauces

If you zoom out a little, you will see on the left side of the city there is a Warehouse. In the Warehouse you can pay 20k (20,000) money to unlock the Sauce Machines. These Sauce Machines are:

– Deep Dark Fantamaker: which produces a delicious fantasauce which lets you get more experience from each customer served.

– Szechuan Sauce: This spicy goodie will give customers a move speed boost.

– Air Sauce: Not like it has some special taste, but some might like it, this sauce will increase the money you make from each meal served.

– Radioactive Gravy: This tasty sauce will help you generate more happiness – who knows what’s inside it?

– Plastic Chocolate Machine: Well, may be not as tasty as it sounds, but this sauce will let customers digest faster.

These sauces can be used to boost each of their specific field, so make sure you choose wisely when and what to use, because if you decide to use a sauce and there are no customers, it’s a waste.

Tap the lone guy in the Warehouse

This guy is the one who introduced the game to you, and he’s the restaurant owner. When you tap him, he will give out some Green Essence every now and then. You can come back often and tap on him for an extra “hidden mission”, such as persuading a client for some extra Green Essence. It’s useful if you want to add those up!

Want some other goodies?

If you want to invest some real bucks into the game, you can do so and purchase some more special units, such as a General Manager and a Secretary (yes, she’s as hot as you could imagine). Those extra personnel are:

– Accountant: Receives a tip when customers buy food (a.k.a. you get more money).

– Biochef: Adds secret ingredients to our food to accelerate customer mutation (a.k.a. more mutations, more money earned in the long run).

– Agent: Increases customer resell price and harvest value (a.k.a. you get more money when you resell customers).

– General Manager: Doubles food serving speed.

– Scientist: Machine construction starts at 50% progress.

– Secretary: All tables and chairs are sold at 50% discount.

If you want to know which are best, I suggest the Scientist, as those building speeds are something really crazy (can take up some hours to finish). Other than that, if you’re like me and want to decorate the restaurant the best you can, go for the Secretary!

Use the free boosts whenever possible!

When you are building new machines, or simply upgrading the existing ones, you will sometimes see a green and black screen with a Matrix-like text on it. Whenever that appears, means that you can watch an ad to finish construction instantly. I suggest taking advantage of this as best as you can, because it’s well worth watching 30 seconds of an ad rather than waiting hours for the machine to finish building

These would be all the We Happy Restaurant tips and tricks we have for you right now! If you know some other cool tips for gathering customers and upgrading the machines, leave a comment down below and share your intel with everyone!

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