If you want to influence more people in this game and rule the world, our We Are Illuminati cheats and tips will help you get there faster (and have a lot more fun in the mean time).

We Are Illuminati is a mobile game available on Android only at the moment of writing. A really well made idle game with tons of funny features, this is that game that you’ll start playing and you’ll never want to put down. And even though it doesn’t have any innovative features compared to the rest of the titles in the genre, it’s still really fun to play and our tips and tricks will make sure that you don’t miss anything obvious (or not so obvious).

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some We Are Illuminati tips and tricks below!

Work on unlocking managers
Managers are extremely important in the game as they collect the resources for you and restart production, so you don’t have to do the tapping. This results in a ton of profits, so make sure you unlock them as soon as you have a new type available.

Keep an eye on the things you have unlocked, though, because you can actually buy managers for areas you haven’t unlocked yet – and in that case, it’s just a waste of money. So make sure that you have the area you are buying the managers for!

Upgrade to the milestones
Every time you hit an upgrade milestone in the game, the profits increase tremendously as the time required to collect them is halved. The milestones are at level 25, 50, 100 and so on. Plan your upgrades in such a way to reach them first.

You should always work towards the milestones with your cheapest unlocked areas, then work your way up. If you can’t reach a new milestone or it’s not cost effective, do it the other way around: start by spending all the money in your latest area, then work your way down until you have no more money to spend.

Take advantage of the ad bonuses
There are various types of ad bonuses that you can unlock in order to increase the profits in the We Are Illuminati game. The easiest one is watching an ad for 4 hours of double income. Make sure you constantly do that as it really is a lot easier to control people’s minds when your income is double!

Another extremely useful ad bonus is a “one time offer” that comes every now and then and allows you to watch an ad for a time warp of a random number of hours. This can give you a huge boost indeed, so make sure you take it when you have it (it’s the icon of a smartphone in the upper right corner of the screen).

Be warned, though: if you don’t take this unique offer, it will go away and you won’t have the chance of getting it again. But eventually a new one will pop up, usually after a few hours.

Don’t forget about upgrades!
Not as easy to get as leveling up your country areas, but just as useful, upgrades are another thing you should keep an eye on and buy them whenever you have the chance. Each upgrade doubles the amount of influence you get from a particular area, so the sooner you get them, the better.

How to use the reset option
You can’t have an idle game without the resetting and starting over option and We Are Illuminati offers that as well. When you reset, you gain Lackeys which give you a 3% bonus per Lackey. You earn them relatively fast as well, so you can reset for the first time after just a few hours of play time and get around 100 of them for a 300% bonus.

Afterwards, the resets should naturally come every 24-48 hours in order to make sense and give you the huge numbers required for purchasing the extra bonuses they offer.

Have in mind that, when you’re spending Lackeys on unlocking bonuses, you will lose them. Therefore, in some cases, it’s better to wait to get a few areas and levels before purchasing a Lackey upgrade – like the Inner Circle, which is the first one to get and gives you x3 bonus for all companies. If you buy it immediately after a reset, you will gain less than you would from the bonus of the Lackeys themselves!

These would be our tips and tricks for We Are Illuminati, the Android game. If you have other bits of advice that you want to share with the world, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.



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