Just in time for summer, a new water slide has opened up! Waterslide Extreme is a new simple action game that utilizes your iDevice’s accelerometer to guide you down a waterslide of extreme proportions. We’ll help you score high and slide like a pro with our Waterslide Extreme cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use your brakes wisely!

Be sure to use your brake button when you need it. The most optimal times to use it are when a row of crystals are coming up. Slowing down helps you turn sharper, so you won’t miss any of the crystals. Just be sure not to use it too much, as you need to beat the clock.

2. Grab those hearts!

The heart extra life power ups are actually pretty common to find, and you will probably see at least one on each level. Be sure to collect these whenever they pop up, as you won’t know if something goes wrong later down the line!

3. Don’t go too slow!

As noted above, be careful with how liberal you are with your brakes. If you slow down enough to the point where you stop moving, you will automatically lose the stage. Be especially careful about this at parts when the slide has an incline.

4. Stay in the water!

As long as the tube is completely covered, you can move wherever you want on the slide. However, if you want to build up speed fast, you need to stay on the portion of the slide where the water is flowing. Staying on it increases your acceleration.

5. Grab the crown to smash those baddies!

You should always watch out for the crabs and ducks. These guys slow you down when you collide with them! However, if you grab a crown power up, you will turn invincible. Running into them when you’re invincible will destroy them instead, netting you some bonus points! Smash ’em all!

6. Use the boost power up!

The stacked red arrows power up is the boost power up. Grabbing this will dramatically increase your speed. We’ve noticed that these power ups tend to be in fixed locations, meaning that they will always be in the same spot. This is because they are usually placed right before inclines where you’re going to need the extra speed. Needless to say try not to miss these!

And with that, your water slide experience should be top-notch! If you have any other tips to share, leave a comment below!


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