Warriors of Glory is an intense all-new action RPG. Choose from either the powerful Barbarian, shadowy Assassin, or mystical Mage and lay waste to hordes of foes using awesome spells and skills. You can also join the arena and fight other players in hectic PvP! The Royal Legionaries await, so let’s get started with our Warriors of Glory cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Auto attacks to break guard!


Bosses in this game have an armor gauge when you encounter them. When they armor gauge is still intact, bosses will receive heavily reduced damage from all sources. However, if you use your regular auto attacks against the boss, their armor will take damage. When it’s completely depleted, the boss’s armor is broken and will take 30% increased damage! So, the general strategy is to pelt the boss with regular attacks until armor is down, then use all of your skills. Keep in mind that skill damage does not damage armor!

2. Get all three stars!

Each major level has three stars you can earn on it. You can gain all three by taking minimal damage and clearing the level as fast as you can. Those gold stars aren’t just for show; the more you get in a chapter, the better rewards you can earn! On the chapter stage select screen, tap the chest button at the bottom left. You can open a tier 1, 2, or 3 chest depending on how many stars you’ve earned so far in that chapter. Get as many stars as you can, as there are valuables in those chests!

3. Watch out for heavy attacks!

Bosses will unleash super heavy attacks against you, and if you end up getting hit by one of these attacks, it’s going to really hurt! Watch for the red indicators – they will appear when the boss is about to launch a heavy attack. Get away from the indicated zone as fast as you can, and you should be safe if you’re far enough. If you’re in a bind, remember that you can use your evasive skill to get around quicker.

4. Complete the quests!

Your main quests will always be reachable by simply tapping the quest button at the top right. Main quests offer level appropriate rewards when you complete them, so you should always be working towards them. There are also side quests that you can undertake, so do these at your earliest convenience. Just be careful though, as you might get offered some elite quests that you won’t be powerful enough for yet. The game will warn you if your power level is too low for a quest.

5. Power up your character!

There are two main ways of strengthening your character.

  • Enhance your equipment! You can enhance each equipment slot to grant more stats boosts to your character. Here’s the cool thing though: enhance is independent of your actual equipment, meaning that even if you change gear, that specific slot’s enhancement progress isn’t lost! Once you enhance all slots to their maximum, you can perform a Break Equipment Limit to even further enhance your gear!
  • Learn new skills! While gear will take you most of the way, the finishing touches are your skills. These powerful abilities let you destroy any who dare to stand in your way. You can learn new skills and upgrade existing ones once you are high enough level.
  • And of course, there’s always new equipment for you to find and equip.

6. Partake in the daily event!

Each new day, there’s a daily event for you to play. The objective of the event varies from day to day, but you should always try to complete it. You only get one shot at it until the next day, so do your best! Today’s event was a coin collecting minigame where we had to collect a bunch of coins while dodging lightning strikes. Every time you complete a daily event, you earn event points. The better you do, the more points you get. Every 25 points, you get to open a chest!

That’s all for Warriors of Glory. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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