Home News Warlords of Aternum Pits You Against Orcs and Other Creatures, with Deep Turn Based Strategy Mechanics

Warlords of Aternum Pits You Against Orcs and Other Creatures, with Deep Turn Based Strategy Mechanics

Warlords of Aternum Pits You Against Orcs and Other Creatures, with Deep Turn Based Strategy Mechanics

For some reason, whenever I think about turn based games, my mind jumps to Heroes of Might and Magic – a series that I love since my youth days, a few aeons ago. And for another unknown reason, as soon as I saw InnoGames’ new turn based strategy title Warlords of Aternum, my heart filled up with joy and daydreams related to HoMM started invading my mind.

The truth is that, in reality, there are very few things that would have you compare Warlords of Aternum with Heroes of Might and Magic Games. But my mind and soul clicked when seeing it and that’s all that matters: InnoGames’ title looks good, is good and makes you think about your favorite games. Now that’s a solid feat to start with!

Without too much of a backstory, Warlords of Aternum pits you against hordes of Orcs and other creatures, with the goal to save the ravaged lands once and for all. You will select regiments of troops, send them into turn based battles against enemies, use the terrain to your advantage (or not) and end up victorious.

For a free to play game, Warlords of Aternum is solid and not-that-annoying when it comes to IAPs and ads. They are there and you’ll have an easier life if you throw some money at the game, but you can enjoy it without doing so.

And enjoy it you will! You will spend most of your time on the battlefield, strategizing and attacking, having fun destroying orcs and drooling at the console-quality graphics. Here’s how everything goes, explained by InnoGames themselves:

Before each fight, you place up to five regiments on the battlefield. Depending on the progress of the game, you can choose from 21 regiments. The way to victory is a good mix of mages, melee and ranged fighters, and heavy and agile units. In addition to the different strengths and weaknesses of your own troops vis-à-vis your opponents, the terrain also determines the outcome of a battle.

Regiments hiding in forests take only reduced damage, attacks from elevated positions give special bonuses and troops in villages are healed at the end of the round. At the same time, the special abilities of the units want to be used at the right moment.

So you always have to strategize, plan your moves and send your best troops to battle at the right time, from the right angle, against the right opponent. Pretty cool indeed!

There are, of course, as in any strategy game on mobile that’s offered for free, tons of unlockables: from new unit types to abilities and skills to new regions and PvP battles. You’ve got them all here and you’ll love each and every one of them. And you’ll only want to get better!

The best part of the game is that it doesn’t really limit your play with timers that force you to play when the game wants and not when you feel like getting into a fight. Of course, the more active you are, the better – but you can play it and enjoy it at your own peace, in your own way – which is exactly what I’ve been doing so far.

We’ll have a guide for the game published shortly on our website, but until then you might want to get a head start and download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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Warlords of Aternum Pits You Against Orcs and Other Creatures, with Deep Turn Based Strategy Mechanics


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