War never changes! Warhammer Combat Cards is finally here, bringing the iconic Warhammer series into the mobile platform with a in-depth collectible card game.

All of your favorite factions are here – take up the mantle of the mighty Space Marines, be ferocious with the wild Orks, or use the otherworldly power of the Necron. The choice is yours!

In our Warhammer Combat Cards guide, we will go over the various strategies when battling other opponents, and we will show you how to rank up and get more cards. Here is our Warhammer Combat Cards tips and tricks strategy guide to win your battles!

Know your Warlord’s special rule!

All Warlords have an innate ability called a “special rule”. Special rules can be seen by going to the card’s info page and tapping the special rule tab. If you are having trouble building your deck around a central theme, try building around one of the special rules.

For example, the starting Warlord Captain Acheran’s special rule is that whenever a Space Marine is deployed, he gains +10 wounds.

To get the most out of his special rule, you would fill the rest of your deck up with Space Marines, making him a very tanky Warlord. This is just one example of many, so feel free to experiment with your favorite Warlords and see what works best around them.

Attack strategically!

The key to winning battles in Warhammer Combat Cards is to know when and what attacks to use.

Always keep in mind that both players attack during the same turn, using the same method of attack that was chosen. You can use this to your advantage! Here are some factors to consider when attacking.

  • See what types of attacks your opponent’s cards have. As you learned in the tutorial, one of the easiest and reliable ways to attack is to use the attack type that your opponent does not have. If your opponent is lacking in ranged attacks but you have a full force of ranged attackers, you know what to do!
  • If you have a card that has a particular strong attack type, try to buff it up by attacking multiple times with other attack types. Use cards that buff that attack type and refrain from using it until it is fully charge for the biggest impact.
  • Keep in mind that each card has different buff/debuff rules for attack types. Some cards will debuff one type, while another card will buff that same type when they attack. Pay attention to the coloring and make sure you do not hinder yourself!
  • If your opponent has a card deployed that has a particularly high attack value, you want to do your best to ensure that it never gets the chance to attack on your turn to mitigate as much damage as possible.

Those are just a few examples of taking attack factors into account. Remember, it is not just about how much damage you can do in one attack – you have to think about future turns as well!

Protect your Warlord!

Do not feel like you have to deploy your Warlord immediately into the battle. In fact, it may be beneficial to hold onto your Warlord for a bit before you deploy them.

It is important to keep in mind that if your Warlord is defeated, that is an automatic loss, so try to keep them protected.

No matter where you place your Warlord, they will always be in the center position, meaning they are open to multiple attacks if you do not have a full force.

Complete your objectives!

You must earn enough experience points to rank up in Warhammer, and experience is earned through completing objectives and upgrading cards. Contrary to the typical mobile game, you do not earn experience points naturally through playing matches.

You do, however, earn skulls that can open your next kill chest, which might let you upgrade a card or two.

Play the campaign!

Early on your matches might be a little rough. You will face opponent’s decks that may be stronger than yours, and you will face defeat a few times.

Fear not, however, so as long as you are taking out as many of their cards as you can, you can still get skulls for more cards. Once you reach rank 5, you can play in the Warhammer single-player campaigns.

These campaigns will let you relive famous Warhammer battles, and the best part is that you can still earn rewards like usual. We recommend playing the campaign a bit so that at least you have more upgraded cards in your arsenal and unlocked card slots.

That’s all for Warhammer Combat Cards! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for the tips and advice. i am currently making videos on the youtube channel Devils Brush Gaming, i am really enjoying the game

  2. Been playing the game for a few weeks now. Great game, but abit confused about something. During battles occasionally when one of the opposing characters is deployed, they come out with a glowing blue shield around the card. Just wondered what it meant, what it does and how do I do it

    • That glowing shield is a “personal trait”. Personal traits are special abilities each card gains after reaching a certain level (first one is at lvl 4 or 5, depending on the card).

      The glowing shield means that the card will ignore the first attack made against it, regardless of the attack type or it’s strength.


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