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Warghs Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get High Scores

Warghs Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get High Scores

The Warghs have arrived! The Warghs are a race of helpful and intelligence beings, and they have come to Earth in order to help with the global environmental concerns. Their advanced science is being passed on through their ambassadors, and you play as two ambassadors who have just landed on Earth. Play through match-3 puzzle levels to help save the Earth!

In Touch Tap Play’s Warghs tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of matching essences and how to complete each level within the time limit. We will go over advanced techniques as well, so let’s get started with our Warghs cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to get high scores!

Go for the Special Essences

Like any other match-3 puzzle game, Warghs features special essence pieces that are created when you match a certain number of essences together or more. These special essences are the key to beating the levels easier, so try to make as many as you can.

The morph essence is created when you match at least 5 essences. The morph essence is a rainbow colored essence, and it can be used to chain together combos of different essences. With some good positioning, morph essences can help you create massive combos!

Rockets are created when you match at least 6 essences. Rockets are helpful little tools that shoot vertically when you activate them, automatically clearing all of the essences above and below it. If you have some problematic clusters of essences, rockets can help clear them out.

Bombs are created when you match at least 8 essences. Bombs will detonate when you activate them, causing all of the surrounding essences to be matched. These are just as helpful for clearing out clumps of mismatched essences.

There are more special essences to discover as you progress through the game, so make sure that you are constantly creating big combos to increase your chances of getting them!

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Understanding the Elemental System

There are five elements in Warghs: nature, fire, earth, metal, and water. The elemental affinities do not really come into play under normal levels, but when you are going up against opponents you will need to use the element with the advantage if you want to win!

Nature beats earth, earth beats water, water beats fire, fire beats metal, and metal beats nature. When you match the correct element against an opponent that is weak to it, you will deal increased damage.

Not only that, but each element generates another, meaning that if you match a certain element, your Wargh’s special ability will charge up. You have a greater chance of creating a different kind of elemental essence when new one drops into the board.

For example, metal generates water, which means matching metal essences will increase the chance of water essences dropping into the board. Knowing what element generates what will help you control the board!

Nature generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal, metal generates water, and water generates nature.

With all of this said, the main thing to take away from this is that if you are having trouble on a level where you must defeat an elemental opponent, make sure that you are matching the right essences to improve your odds.

Choosing the Right Wargh

When you first start the adventure, your only Wargh will be Wylie. He is a water elemental Wargh, which means that he can charge his special ability by matching metal essences. He can also deal increased damage against fire essences enemies, but he receives more damage from earth essence enemies.

Each Wargh has a power rating. This power rating determines the final amount of damage dealt against enemies after calculating elemental differences. Each Wargh’s power rating starts at 1, but as they level up it will increase.

And of course, every Wargh has their own unique special ability that can help you clear a level. Wylie’s ability Whirlpool allows him to immediately remove ten essences from the board.

Wargh special abilities can also be leveled up if you have enough coins, but you need a LOT of coins to do this. Because of the steep costs, make sure you choose the Wargh you like the most.

When deciding on a Wargh to use, take into account the level’s objective. If it is a battle level, you may want to use a Wargh that has the elemental advantage.

Match Fast for Combos

If you match two different strings of essences within a short period of time, you will start a combo. A combo will multiply each string’s points by a certain amount – the higher your combo, the more points they will be worth.

If you are going for a high score, it is important to move fast. Getting high combos and making sure that they do not break are the key to getting high scores.

When you start the first combo in a chain, you only have about three seconds to make another string before you lose the combo bonus. Remember that any match counts, no matter how short or long it is, so a simple 3-match will do if you are just trying to preserve your combo.

Don’t Forget the Spin Button

If you see a very long string in your board but one piece is just slightly out of the way, that might be a good time to use the spin button, located at the bottom right corner of the board.

Spinning will throw all of the essences into the air, acting as a sort of reshuffle. Since Warghs is a physics-based game, spinning might not do too much if you are unlucky, but in some cases it can help dislodge some stubborn essences.

Be careful though – random use of the spin button can make a messy board even worse, so use it with discretion. It may be more helpful to make a few matches then spin the board and hope for the best.

Use Boosts on Hard Levels

If you are stuck on a particularly hard level and nothing seems to be working, you can always resort to using boosts. These things cost a lot of coins, but they can give you the edge you need to win.

Specifically, the boost that increases your playing time by 15 seconds is extremely helpful in levels where it seems like you just do not have enough time.

Just be careful – like everything else in this game that you can buy with the coins, the boosts are pretty expensive and you will need to save up a lot of coins if you want to buy them.

Complete Goals for Coins

You will be needing lots of coins if you want to progress through the game at a decent rate. Warghs uses the old style energy system, which means you expend energy any time you go into a level. Even if you beat the level, you will still use up energy.

You get one energy every 20 minutes, so it takes a while if you want to keep on playing. To offset this, the game offers quests and goals for you to work towards. Each goal completed will net you some coins, so take a look at the list by tapping the rewards box at the bottom right corner.

There are two tabs: rewards and goals. Rewards is your immediate quest, and it should be what you are currently working towards. Goals are long term achievements that you will naturally complete as you play through the game.

Working on both of them will net you lots of coins, so do not forget about them!

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