Wargames Guide in Fortnite Save the World: Everything You Need to Know

Wargames Guide in Fortnite Save the World: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite Save the World is an interesting co-op zombie survival game that allows you to play with your friends and fight against zombies. It was the main game mode of Fortnite before the release of the Battle Royal mode. However, the developers are still developing this game mode and adding new types of missions. Wargame is a special type of mission that was added in patch 9.00. and it stopped being supported in patch 10.00. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Wargames in Fortnite Save the World.

Wargames in Fortnite Save the World

Wargames in Fortnite Save the World is a game mode that was added in patch 9.00. It takes place only in the Storm Shield and if you want to play it you will need to choose a special Wargame modifier. There is a list of different modifiers and you can’t play the Wargame mode without choosing them. Here is the full list of Wargame modifiers:

  • Hot Spots – Adds pools with lava that move everywhere and destroy your buildings, damage your character, and buff your enemies with the Fire element.
  • Denied – Spawns Anomaly Rifts that deal damage to your character.
  • Torn Apart – Spawns a Tornado that destroys buildings and throws everything in the air.
  • Mist Pods – Spawns Husk Pods that may hatch Epic mini-bosses if you won’t destroy them.
  • Safety Zone – Turns off the storm shield and places a small shield. You will need to stay inside this shield to avoid damage.
  • Meltdown – Spawns a cloud of radiation that damages your character and grows with time.
  • Space Rocks – Spawns meteors that damage and destroy everything. You will need to shoot them while they are in the midair to prevent this damage.
  • Hexed – Curses your character and places Aztec statues that you will need to use to remove this curse.

There are a few challenge modifiers that you can add if you want an additional challenge. You don’t need to add them to play this game mode. The full list of the challenge modifiers in Wargames is next:

  • Close Quarters – Spawns Husks closer to the Storm shield.
  • Rolling Fog – Creates a Fog that limits your view and turns off the minimap.
  • Husk Swarm – Spawns only normal Husks with additional buff.
  • Trapped Out – Disables traps.
  • Heavy Explosives – Explodes Husks when they die.
  • No Building Zone – Disables Pickaxes, Repairs, and Buildings.
  • Surprise – Turns on a Random Challenge Modifier with the start of the second wave.
  • Full Time – Turns off Time Cheats that shortens your timer.
  • Double Trouble – Spawns two Invincible Smashers that attack you and your fort.
  • Head Games – Makes Husks able to be killed only with headshots.

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Wargames Guide in Fortnite Save the World: Everything You Need to Know


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