Upgrading your cards and weapons is extremely important in WarFriends if you want to get the most out of the game and win battles. We’ve already talked about that in our tips and tricks article and in today’s post we’ll focus on making it happen. In order to upgrade your cards and weapons, you need Warbucks (the regular currency in the game) as well as Gold (premium currency). In today’s article, I am going to share with you all the details on how to get more money in WarFriends: how to get more Gold and WarBucks.

It isn’t easy, especially since prices seem to explode extremely fast, but if you log in daily and if you are active, things will look good. So let’s not waste any time and let’s find out how to make more Gold and Warbucks in WarFriends!

Warfriends: How to make more Warbucks

The regular currency is a bit easier to get, but also required in much larger quantities. Here is what you can do to get more Warbucks in the game:

– Log in daily and collect the rewards. Even if you don’t play a single battle, you still want to log in daily because for each consecutive day that you play, the rewards are increased.

– Watch ads when you have the chance. Whenever you see that you have the option in the main menu, watch that ad. You’re not guaranteed to get Warbucks, but you will receive a nice reward anyway.

– Play as many battles as possible – for each battle that you play, no matter if you win or lose, you will receive some WarBucks. The rewards are better if you perform better, of course and they also increase if you have VIP.

– Buy the regular currency: you can spend real life money on it and the more you spend, the more cards you get per dollar.

WarFriends: How to make more Gold

The Premium currency is a bit more difficult to make, but fortunately the developers of the game have offered us a lot of ways to get a few extra for free. So here’s how to get more Gold:

– Complete the daily missions. They usually reward you random amounts of Gold and when you manage to get 7 daily assignments done, you receive a Mega Reward with a lot of Gold inside and other great rewards

– Log in daily. Just as in the case of the Warbucks, logging in daily will also reward you with Gold every now and then and the more often you log in, the better the rewards.

– Perform well in Squad Wars: after joining a good squad, you are automatically part of a Squad War. Based on your performance, but also the division in which your Squad is playing, you will receive a nice amount of Gold at the end of the season.

– Buy it from the store: you also have the option to spend real life money on getting Gold from the game’s shop and the same rules apply here as well: the higher the cost of the purchase, the more gold you get for the money.

– Connect to Facebook, like the game on Facebook and follow on Twitter. These will all reward you with some extra Gold so there’s no point in not doing so!

These would be the methods to make extra money in WarFriends, no matter if we’re talking about regular or premium currency. If you managed to find other methods to make some quick bucks in the game, let us know by commenting below!



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