The Sunlight Threshcones is one of the many plants in Warframe that players can scan to obtain their extract that they can use to craft pieces of equipment. 

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In this Warframe guide, we will talk about where you can find Sunlight Threshcones.

Where to Find Sunlight Threshcones

Players can find Sunlight Threshcones plants on Earth in the Grineer Forest tileset. They usually grow near trees. And, as the name suggests, you can find them during the daytime only. 

Some of the best missions to farm Sunlight Threshcones are –

  • Mantle – A capture-type mission. 
  • E Prime – An exterminate-type mission. 
  • Cervantes – A sabotage-type mission. 

While farming for Sunlight Threshcones, keep in mind, the day and night cycles are different for planets. You can use this tool to check whether you are doing the mission on Earth during the daytime or not. 

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Once you find Sunlight Threshcones plants, scan them to obtain Sunlight Threshcones extract. You can increase the chance to get double yield from scans by using the Cross-Matrix widget. 

Farm the above missions, and you will have more than enough Sunlight Threshcones required for crafting items. 

Uses of Sunlight Threshcones

Players can use Sunlight Threshcones to craft Beryl Antitoxin, Citrine Antitoxin, Health Restore, and Nightfall Apothic.

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