Kuva Lich feautured in WARFRAME

Kuva Liches in Warframe are Grineer super-soldiers who have been imbued with their Queens’ Kuva, effectively immortalizing them. Kuva Larvlings with the potential to become Liches are infused with “old blood” and equipped with advanced Kuva weaponry as well as elite Thrall troops.

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If you are wondering how to defeat Kuva Lich in Warframe, then you’ve come to the right place! Here in this article, we will discuss the Kuva Lich element and the strategy in detail.

How to Defeat Kuva Lich?

Because only one Kuva Lich spawns at a time, you must kill it before looking for another. To deliver the final blow, you’ll need Requiem mods in the proper order. Only you can kill the Lich, and if you don’t do it correctly the first time, they’ll return stronger the next time.

Unless you decide to trade for them, getting the Requiem mods is the most challenging part. Killing Lich’s Thralls in the special missions presented to you will help you figure out the right combination. Fight and defeat these Thralls, then use the Secret Mercy Finisher on them once their respective red symbol hovers above them.

You’ll get a “Requiem Murmur” if you do so. You’ll have to repeat this process eight times (for each of the eight mods), and they’ll eventually reveal the secret combination of mods you’ll need to defeat your Lich. It’s also necessary to figure out the order.

Furthermore, when the Kuva Lich appears in your missions, you have the option of acquiring all of the murmurs or doing a trial and error approach and repeating battles.

When you use your parazon to deal the final blow in the Lich battle, you’ll have the option of killing the Lich or converting it to your side. Killing it will grant you a unique weapon, while converting it will allow you to fight alongside it. It’s worth noting that you can only have one Lich at a time.

Warframe – Lich Element

In Warframe, The Kuva Lich system creates unique enemies that will track down your Warframe across the system, steal your resources, and generally annoy you. It is simple to make a Kuva Lich, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

The most important thing to consider before creating a new Kuva Lich is which Warframe you want to use. The Warframe that creates a Kuva Lich determines the Kuva Lich weapon’s elemental damage bonus, as well as the type of Ephemera they will have if they spawn with one. Finally, Lich’s abilities will be dictated by the Progenitor Warframe.

A table with the Progenitor Warframe for each element can be found below. For the Lich, Prime Warframes will generate the same elemental type as the standard Warframe.

ElementProgenitor Warframe
Cold Frost, Gara, Hildryn, Revenant, Titania, Trinity
Electricity Banshee, Excalibur, Limbo, Nova, Valkyr, Volt
HeatChroma, Ember, Inaros, Nezha, Protea, Vauban, Wisp
 Impact Baruuk, Gauss, Grendel, Rhino, Sevagoth, Wukong, Zephyr
 Toxin Atlas, Ivara, Khora, Nekros, Nidus, Oberon, Saryn
 Magnetic Harrow, Hydroid, Lavos,  Mag, Mesa, Xaku, Yareli
 Radiation Ash, Equinox, Garuda, Loki, Mirage, Nyx, Octavia, Yareli

Credits: The above table is provided by Warframe Fandom

That’s the basics in a nutshell. Tell us what you think of the game, and if you haven’t played it, what are you waiting for? It’s free to play and easy to get into.

Go ahead and give it a try, and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this “Warframe: Kuva Lich Element Guide, and How to Defeat” Guide for tips!

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