There are many interesting weapons from different factions in Warframe. One of the coolest Corpus rifles is Stahlta. It shoots with steel blades instead of bullets. However, its main feature is the ability to spend half of its ammo pull to shoot with a giant energy ball. It blasts all opponents in a wide area with Radiation damage. Today we are going to tell you how to obtain such a cool weapon. This guide will explain to you how to get the Stahlta in Warframe.

How to Get the Stahlta in Warframe

Stahlta in Warframe is one of the most powerful Corpus weapons which can compete with special Tenet weapons. But getting such a rifle won’t be easy. Its blueprint drops with a 15% chance from Jackal which is the first boss of the game. You can find this robot on the Fossa mission on Venus.

Even though the blueprint for the weapon is not difficult to obtain, the other components require you to visit the Granum Void. This is a special game mode that unlocks to those who completed The Deadlock Protocol quest. You will need to go on a mission on a Corpus ship and find a Golden Hand Tribute. These are going to take Granum Crowns that drop from a special mob named Treasurer. You can find these on Corpus ship missions and the more mission level is the better Crown you will get.

When you give a Crown to the tribute, it teleports you to the Granum Void where you need to kill Errant Specters. The more specters you kill the better reward you will get. Also, the level of the void is based on the level of Crown you gave to the tribute. This fact affects rewards as well.

To get all the pieces for the Stahlta, you will need to visit all three voids and reach the max ranks there. The chances are going to be next:

  • Stahlta Receiver – Drops as a Rank 3 reward in the Normal Granum Void with a 22,22% chance
  • Stahlta Stock – Drops as a Rank 3 reward in the Extended Granum Void with a 29,63% chance
  • Stahlta Barrel – Drops as a Rank 3 reward in the Nightmare Granum Void with a 29,63% chance

Once you get all the components and blueprint you will be able to craft Stahlta in Warframe.

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Warframe – How to Get the Stahlta


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