Warframe – How to Get Gyromag Systems

Warframe - How to Get Gyromag Systems

Let’s imagine that you need to craft the Gravimag enhancement and the Cantic, Lega, and Klamora prisms in Warframe. Or perhaps you need to use Plinx. In any of these cases, you will need Gyromag System. Do you want to know how to get it? Keep reading to find out how to obtain Gyromag System in Warframe.

​How to Get Gyromag Systems

If you are searching for Gyromag Systems in Warframe, do Bounty Heists. Gyromag Systems are on the list of rewards in all bounties.

The action will be in the Orb Vallis. Go to Eudico (in the back room right near the entrance to Orb Vallis) and talk to him. You will need to choose one bounty out of four. Remember that the second one is not as hard to complete as the remaining three (up to three minutes to complete—the rest take around five minutes), so many players choose this one. You will be able to complete it by yourself with no issues!

So, choose the second Bounty up till the moment you gain the rank of Hand. Before that, Bounty Heist will be the only possibility for you to obtain Gyromag Systems.

Once that level is reached, you may also buy Gyromag Systems in Little Duck.

Now you know both ways of obtaining Gyromag Systems: you can either do Bounty Heists, or you can purchase the needed item in Little Duck. You also have the possibility to combine both options once your rank allows you to do so. Choose the best option and get the desired Gyromag Systems as soon as possible!

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Warframe – How to Get Gyromag Systems


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