The Sisters of Parvos update introduced a new item called Corrupted Holokey. There’s no doubt that you’ll want to obtain plenty of these, as Corrupted Holokeys give players the chance to become an owner of Tenet Weapons. That said, let us cover the methods of getting Corrupted Holokeys in Warframe.

How to get Corrupted Holokeys in Warframe

You will succeed in obtaining Corrupted Holokeys only after you fully complete Void Storm missions since this is considered a Void Relic item. So, we can conclude that the odds of its dropping are random, and if you want to get Corrupted Holokeys, you’ll have to try again and again to reach the completion of the mission until you achieve the required item.

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Nevertheless, we have great news for you: if we compare the drop rate of all the items in Void Storm, the chances to get Corrupted Holokeys will be the highest (37.5%). The reason for that lies in the fact that this item comes in multiples.

By the way, the odds of getting Corrupted Holokeys on all the planets are the same, but the possible quantity that you can achieve varies with each planet:

Earth2 Corrupted Holokeys
Venus2 Corrupted Holokeys
Neptune3 Corrupted Holokeys
Saturn4 Corrupted Holokeys
Pluto5 Corrupted Holokeys
Veil6 Corrupted Holokeys

This is how you can obtain Corrupted Holokeys in Warframe. Visit any planet you choose and get the desired item upon completion of Void Storm missions! We wish you good luck!

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