Eximus enemies in Warframe are some kind of mini-bosses that appear randomly during your missions. These guys possess unique abilities that may be a threat to a player. Also, they can improve nearby allies and the abilities of an Eximus are based on its type. You might have seen a weekly mission for Nightwave that asks you to kill 100 Eximuses. In case you have problems with this task we are here to help you. This guide will tell you about the best ways to farm Eximus Enemies in Warframe.

How to Farm Eximus Enemies in Warframe

Eximus enemies in Warframe are rare mini-bosses. They are hard to miss as their models are bigger and usually they use some unique abilities. However, Eximuses are not the easiest opponents to found. The first way you can farm Eximus enemies in Warframe is endless missions like Survival or Defense. There you will need to stand against lots of enemies for as long as you can. Usually, you can meet some Eximus enemies there easily, but if you are a novice, you won’t have strong enough equipment to stand for long.

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The first endless missions on the list are not very popular among experienced players. So, in case you are unable to stand for a long time and find someone who can do this you can go the other way. One of the most popular options for farming Eximuses is the Sanctuary Onslaught game mode. You will be able to play it after you complete The New Stranger quest. Also, after you complete The War Within quest you will be able to play a Sortie game mode. There you may encounter the Eximus Stronghold modifier which will spawn more Eximuses on a mission.

The last piece of advice we can give you is to be patient as these enemies spawn randomly. Try to combine Eximus farming with something else to get additional profit from this activity.

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Warframe – How to Farm Eximus Enemies


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