There are many different bosses in Warframe. Some of them are really strong and may require some additional investigation on how to kill it before you go for this mission. The ancient Infested called Lephantis is quite a problematic opponent to fight. This guide will tell you how to defeat Lephantis in Warframe.

How to Defeat Lephantis in Warframe

Lephantis in Warframe can be found on the Magnacidium mission on Deimos. It is a giant ancient Infested that was created during the Old War. Even though it has to be pretty old it is still a formidable opponent and the boss fight is consists of two phases.

During the first phase, you will be fighting in a wide hall. You will see two of Lephantis’ heads appear from the ground and then disappear after they attack you. In the beginning, there will be only two heads with ranged attacks. But after you deal some damage to them, a third head will appear with its hands being transformed into an organic axe.

Two of Lephantis heads use ranged attacks and one is melee. However, all of them have the same thing that is hard to be left unnoticed. Lephantis has very hard skin and your weapons appear to deal zero damage to it. In order to kill this boss, you will need to aim for weak spots. Each head has them marked with red color and they will be opened during the head’s attack.

Once you defeated all three heads by luring them out of the ground, provoking them to attack, and shooting their weak spots, you will be able to reach the second phase of the boss. The floor under your Warframe will be broken and you will fall to Lephantis. Now you will need to repeat the same thing but with all three heads sticking out of the boss’s body. During the second phase, the heads are not going to hide underground after each attack, but you should be careful with stomp attacks of Lephantis. Also, it starts to be more aggressive. If you feel that you lack damage or HP then you should go for other missions and return when you will get better equipment, or you may call some friends.

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Warframe – How to Defeat Lephantis


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