Warfire is a brand new strategy game similar to Clash of Clans that has you build a base, attack enemy players and compete in the single player campaign for even more resources. I am here to share with you a complete set of Warfire cheats: tips and tricks that will hopefully help you build that ultimate base that everyone fears to attack. And, of course, an army strong enough that everyone is afraid that you might attack them.

So if you’re finding it difficult to progress in Warfire, here are our cheats and tips to make things work!

1. Upgrade your resource buildings
Your main goal at first will be to upgrade your resource producing buildings, as well as the storage buildings in order to hold as much loot as possible to help you upgrade even more.

2. Go on a full attack mode
As soon as you have some strong storage space, it’s time to start attacking other players, ideally after getting the novice awards that will really help you get the edge in battle. The idea is to start attacking as soon as possible to fill up the storage. Low lever players are easy to beat, especially with the rewards you get as weapons. The trick here is to use basic troops and only send ONE of the powerful weapons if you can’t win the battle. Sending them all in is a waste of troops you won’t get for some time because no matter if they remain alive or not at the end of the battle, they are wasted.

3. Keep upgrading everything
Basically, the goal in Warfire, just like any similar strategy game is to keep upgrading your base in order to unlock more or better stuff that keeps you going. So make sure you always put your builders at work and upgrade everything. A good idea would be to max out everything before upgrading your Command Center and unlocking new stuff and new upgrade options.

4. Keep attacking other players
Once you upgrade the Main Base (Command Center) to level three, you unlock some extra goodies in the game, like Equipment for your troops. You buy that equipment from the shop using medals you gain in multiplayer battles that you win, upgrade that equipment and ultimately make your soldiers better. It’s a really nice approach to the upgrade mechanism and makes it really difficult to upgrade your troops. So keep attacking until you can’t attack others any more.

5. Keep your power low
This means losing attacks. I know it’s not what top generals do, but it’s all for a cause: the higher your power, the more difficult enemies you will get when searching for bases to attack. And since you want easy to beat enemies, you should keep your power low. It’s that simple!

6. Smart placement of the walls is a must
Your Main Base is the heart of your base, indeed, but if you lose too many other buildings, you can still lose a battle. So be smart about wall placement, create small forts around your buildings and keep all areas covered.

These would be for now the Warfire tips and tricks for beginners. We’re working on a more complex guide for advanced players, so make sure to check back soon with us or share your strategies below.

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