Welcome back to the warship war! We’re back today with another War of Warship: Pacific War guide. This time we’ll be sharing a couple tips on making more gems without paying real money. Let’s get right to it with our War of Warship: Pacific War cheats and tips to make more gems!

1. Collect your 7D gift!


The seven days gift is exactly what it sounds like: if you can manage to log in every day for seven days straight, you’ll get increasingly better rewards. On the second day, you’ll earn 50 gems! If you so wish you can even just stop there and wait for your rewards to reset, then just keep aiming for the 2 day reward.

2. Level up as fast as you can!

If you stick to doing the quests as much as possible, you should be able to level up pretty quickly. This is good because every two or three levels, you’ll earn a level plan pack. These packs have a bunch of resources in them and boosters, but more importantly they offer gems in them! The amount of gems you get increases the higher you go, so don’t stop leveling!

3. Keep an eye out for events!

Be sure to keep an eye out for active events! Today there was a celebration for the game reaching 300,000 players. If you go to the event page, you’ll receive a whopping 300 gems! Act fast though, as the event only lasts for today. After today, be sure to check your mail and keep an eye out for any future free gem events!

4. Complete the Aims!

Aside from the regular quests, there are also “Aims”. These are optional side missions that function kind of like achievements. They will ask you to do a specific thing, like upgrade a certain building to a high enough level. Once you do that, you can come back to the aims screen and collect your reward. Often times they will reward you with gems, so it’s in your best interest to complete as many as possible! There are three categories: basic, military, and glory. Basic ones are general, military ones involve fighting other bases, and glory pertains to your own personal growth.

That’s all of the gem-making tips we’ve come across so far. If you have any more tricks or strategies that we haven’t listed here, be sure to let us know in the comments below!



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