The mystical Great Dragon is out there and your quest is to conquer so that it may join your forces. Before you can do that though, you need to build up your own kingdom! War of Thrones – Dragons Knights Story & Kingdoms on Fire is a city management game where you will be tasked with developing your city, training troops, and forming alliances. We’ll help you be the best ruler with our War of Thrones cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

With some time and some development towards your city, eventually you’ll be able to summon a dragon of your own. Let’s get started with our War of Thrones strategy guide to building the best kingdom!


1. Follow the quests!

At the top section of the screen, you’ll see a ticker box that shows a quest. This is your main storyline quest, and you should always be working towards these. These will lead you down the general progression path and ensure that your city is kept upgraded. If you’re ever unsure of what to do next, check what quest you have and start working towards it!

2. Keep your production buildings upgraded!

Your buildings that generate you resources over time, such as your Quarries, Farms, and Lumbermills, should be kept upgraded at all times to ensure that you’re always making the highest amount of resources. You’re going to need a lot of resources in the long run to keep all your buildings upgraded, so be sure to upgrade these first!

3. Collect your mystery reward!

See that golden chest at the bottom right corner of the screen? This is the mystery gift. Every 3 minutes or so you are allowed to open this chest for free. Inside is a random gift, ranging from resources to gold. Be sure to check back often so that you can keep on getting freebies!

4. Do the timed quests!

If you tap on the quests button on the right sidebar, you’ll enter a screen with a list of quests. Aside from your main storyline quest which is called Kingdom Quest, you also have Daily Quest, Alliance Quest, and VIP Quest. The three categories aside from your Kingdom Quest are just timed things; you can accept and start one quest from each category, and after a certain amount of time has passed, the quest will complete and you can collect the rewards. Be sure that you have a quest started for each category while you’re playing!

5. Join or make an alliance!

An alliance is a group of other players that can help each other out. You can send resources to each other, help defend each others’ castles, and so forth. Usually you’ll want to join a public one, but be careful about doing this, as sometimes the leaders will kick you out! If you can find one that will let you stay though, it’ll help you out immensely. Not only will you be able to get help from others, you also have access to the Alliance Quests.

6. Use your skill points!

As you level up, you’ll earn skill points which can be put into various skills. As you start out you’ll only have access to Building and Research skills, which speed up those respective times, but leveling up will unlock more skills. You will eventually have a moderate amount of skill points to use, so don’t be afraid to invest in some skills.

That should be all you need to know to build a flourishing kingdom. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



  1. what happens if you request help for a building it does not decrease the building time when the xx/xx amount of people help you? or am i seeing something wrong

    • every one player from your alliance that help you will decrease one minute or so not that huge amount of time but the other reason for helping another player is that helps with increasing your loyalty points every help is for 100 loyalty points


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