War Dragons Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


War Dragons lets you take control of a dragon breeder! Gifted with the ability to communicate freely with dragons, you have tamed them and created a strong bond with all of dragonkind. Utilize their unique powers to fend off other dragon tamers and protect your town! War Dragons is a competitive strategy game, so we’ll help you take on other players with our War Dragons cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t switch dragons unless absolutely necessary!

You’ll see during the tutorial that the less dragons you use, the more bonus flames you’ll get at the end of the attack. More bonus flames means more experience, so it’s a great way to level up your dragons fast. Using only 1 dragon will net you two bonus flames, using 2 dragons 1 bonus flame, and using 3 or more will grant no bonus flames. Try to stick to one dragon; only switch if it’s in danger!

2. Complete Ash’s missions!

Ash will advise you on your journey to become a master dragon tamer. She will provide missions for you to complete, and you should always be working towards these. Whenever you complete one you will receive a massive experience boost, and you will usually level up after completing a couple of them.

3. Also complete the Dragon Guard missions!

The Dragon Guard holds additional missions for you to tackle. Unlike Ash’s missions, these ones are almost always battle-related. They will task you with missions such as using a certain dragon or dishing out a certain amount of damage using a specific dragon. More importantly, completing these missions are the only way to receive egg tokens, the currency you need to breed new dragons. Be sure to double check your objective, then attempt it. Once you complete it, you need to wait a little bit before you can do another mission, usually around 10 or so minutes. Do these whenever they’re available so you can stockpile egg tokens!

4. Feeling defensive? Leave your game on!

Normally, when another player launches an assault against your town, the game will automatically take control of your towers to defend. However, if you’re currently playing the game, you’ll receive a notification at the top of the screen. Tapping it will allow you to defend against the player in real-time. You have to be quick though! The notification only stays on the screen for about 5 seconds, then will deploy into auto mode if there’s no response from you. Auto mode does an ample job at using your tower’s powershots, but if you want to take control of yourself leave your game running and be sure to take a peek at it every now and then – there are no sound notifications!

5. Use the right dragon for the job!

There are three types of dragons. Knowing the differences can help you strategize!

  • Hunter dragons have the rapid tap fireball attack. These dragons excel at doing big burst damage on single targets. They have utility abilities, such as Cloak and Evasion which allows them to dodge some incoming fire. Utilize these dragons to take out top-priority towers.
  • Warrior dragons are beefy dragons. They have high health and support abilities, such as Rejuvenate, Cure Poison, and Explosive Shield. Their main flamethrower attack is slow but does decent damage over a wide area. They’re great frontrunners – use them to soften up the enemy’s base and set up the kill for your other dragons.
  • Sorcerer dragons have a lock-on attack that can hit up to three different towers. Their abilities are extremely powerful but require a lot of rage built up to be used. Fireball lets you nuke a wide area with big damage, and Invincibility is exactly what it sounds like. Very effective against dense tower areas.

Also remember that some dragons receive passive abilities. These abilities are usually defensive abilities, such as Archer Resist, which lets a dragon take reduced damage from archer towers. Knowing your dragon’s strengths and weaknesses are key!

6. Conversely, know your towers!

Each tower has a powershot that has special properties to them. For example, the Cannon Tower’s powershot is Flaming Cannonball, which breaks all shield spells on a dragon. As you can guess, this would be very useful against Warrior-type dragons who have abilities like Explosive Shield. Don’t forget your farms, too! Although it doesn’t seem like much, they can actually help against attacks. Productions farms, such as your sheep farms or your lumber mills can actually heal nearby towers, letting them stay up for longer. Storm Towers can place a protective shield on nearby towers, making them completely invincible for a very short time. Tower positioning is very important to creating a strong defense!

7. Study your replay!

Every time a player attacks your town and you’re not actively there to retaliate, a replay will be created. Watch this replay and study it; where are your weakest points? Where are your strongest points? Utilize these replays to strength your strategy!

8. Breed dragons as much as possible!

Selecting two dragons in the breeder will show you a list of what possible eggs you’ll receive. If you’re going for a new dragon, the chance to get it is not guaranteed – unless you use the breed 20 eggs options, which costs an outrageous amount of rubies! Don’t fret though, as you can use eggs of dragons you’ve already hatched. Once you produce your first duplicate egg, you will unlock the Hall of Research. Here you can research passive bonuses to your town and your dragons, but you need eggs to do so. Spend them here to get some nice bonuses!

War Dragons is an expansive game, so if you discover any new tips and strategies, share them with us and other players in the comments below!

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War Dragons Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. i started playin this game but i am confused how to add a boost toa dragon, it only shows 3 tabs to add a boost I have searched all over to find how to add a different boost to my dragons in the mean time I get more boosts they r adding up tks

  2. I’m only on level 8 but I am not understanding the whole needing a red egg thing to uograde my builder hut. Can someone please explain how I get a red egg? I know I need to breed to get it, I believe dragon and zig but I don’t have dragon yet. Does dragon also mean Draco? Also, how do I use the red egg? Do I not hatch it but use it to upgrade?


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