Wall Kickers Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Start from the bottom, jump wall to wall, and soon enough you’ll find yourself in the stars! Wall Kickers is a simple yet challenging one-touch platformer. Tap to jump between walls, and tap again to perform a back flip. Climb to the reaches of outer space, and become a wall kicking legend with the help of our Wall Kickers cheats and tips!

Wall Kickers is all about good timing and planning, so lots of practice and our tips will help you kick far! Let’s get started with our Wall Kickers cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Take your time – but not too long!

Your kicker will cling to a wall upon first contact, so don’t feel pressured to keep moving as fast as possible. If you need to, take a breather and plan your next course of action. Rushing is usually a bad idea anyways!

However, don’t take TOO long. If you sit on the same wall for more than a couple of seconds, your kicker will slowly start to slide down, forcing you to either jump or fall to your doom. If you really need to, you can jump and then back flip onto the same wall again for more time.

Ignore the coins!

Unless you are a skilled kicker, it’s usually a good idea to just ignore the coins. You will usually only see about three or four coins in a single run, and they are always placed in treacherous locations. Going out of your way for them is very risky, so we really don’t recommend it.

The reason being is that new gifts cost 100 coins, so you will need to collect a LOT to open even one gift. It’s much, much easier to just wait for the free gift to unlock new characters instead.

Watch out for the unique walls!

Wall Kickers wouldn’t be too exciting of a game if all of the walls were the same, right? That’s why there’s plenty of dubious traps and mechanisms on unique walls that you will need to watch out for!

  • Stone walls appear gray and cracked. Upon first contact, these walls will immediately begin to fall apart – jump quickly to the next wall to avoid getting knocked off! Stone walls will often times appear in packs, so be prepared for a series of quick jumps.
  • Conveyor walls are automated walls that move your kicker automatically. They will either be pointing down or up, and your kicker will move along it like a conveyor belt. While not really a threat on its own, these walls are often times place near spikes so be careful!
  • Rotating Spike walls are a bit tricky. One side of these walls is covered in spikes while the other is not. There’s a small timer in the middle of the wall, and when it hits zero the wall will flip. You will need to time your jumps correctly to make sure you don’t end up slamming right into the spikes!
  • Bouncy walls are bright purple walls that will bump you right off when you hit them, acting as if you performed a back flip on your own. Before you jump into one of these, make sure you have a clear path to your next wall.

Use the right amount of jump power!

Remember that you can control how high your jumps are by pressing longer. Jumping with the most amount of power isn’t always the best choice; sometimes you might need a weaker jump to clear certain gaps. Also, if you’re trying to reposition yourself for a better angle, using small jumps and then back flipping is a good way to climb the same wall higher.

That’s all for Wall Kickers! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Wall Kickers Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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