Soon after announcing the pre-registration phase for Walking Dead: March to War, Disrupter Beam has decided to launch the game worldwide and offer us the chance of testing our survival skills against hordes of walkers and other survivors and their camps. We’re here to make the entire experience more pleasant and a whole lot easier by sharing some Walking Dead: March to War cheats and tips to help you start on the right foot.

Although this guide is mostly intended for players who are just starting up, it might still have a useful thing or two for more advanced players, so why not check out the article yourself? These being said, let’s not waste any time and let’s see some March to War tips and tricks for fellow The Walking Dead fans!

Upgrade everything like crazy
You first three days are extremely important in the game because that’s when you can’t be attacked by other players and you have the chance to build up a pretty solid camp. This is done by upgrading and you should spend all the time you have to build all the structures available in the game, then upgrade them as much as possible. All upgrades that take less than 10 minutes can be rushed for free, which means that you can instantly upgrade your buildings for a long time.

Early on, the order in which you upgrade your buildings doesn’t really matter, but you should do it like this (also in the long run): Headquarters first because the level of your HQ decided the maximum level of the other buildings, then the Survivor Barracks, Warehouse and then everything else as you see fit.

Take advantage of the Broadcast Tower
You should constantly search for survivors using the free option. Even when your barracks are full, you should still do it and then trade them for supplies. It’s not the supplies themselves that matter, but the fact that you get some time boosts in return, usually 2 5-minute boosts. These are extremely helpful early on as they help you upgrade buildings and care for your base a lot faster.

Managing survivors
Survivors are extremely important in the game as they are the base of your operations. Leveling them up takes time once they reach the higher levels, but their rarity decides how good they are – as well as the skills they have.

Managing survivors is, therefore, extremely important in the game. My advice is to get whatever the game gives you for the first 10 survivors (Barracks level 5) and level them up a lot: at this point, you gain more by sheer numbers and high levels.

But afterwards, you should become more selective. Search for survivors constantly, but only keep those who are rarer or at least who meet the type of survivor you need. It’s true that you can kick out survivors at any time (by going to the Barracks – Manage Survivors and tapping their portrait), but getting them to a high enough level is time consuming. This is why it’s best to start becoming selective after your 10th survivor.

Answer Dilemmas
Always answer Dilemmas whenever they become available: there doesn’t seem to be a wrong answer, but the answer you give will influence the type of character covers you’re getting as a reward. And this matters the least as well: it’s important to answer the dilemmas and grab the rewards, in order to make room for more to pop up later on.

Research is vital
Once you unlock the Research Annex, you should focus all your resources in there because it will help you tremendously in the long run. My recommendation is to focus on researching things like boosts to the building times, research speed, marching speed and boosts to your survivors’ stats rather than load and resource revenue since the former are a lot more useful for the long run.

Have in mind that you don’t get free completes here even when there are less than 10 minutes left, so plan well in advance – and don’t forget to ask help from your community members. Which brings us to…

Join an active community
Find a community that has very active members, ideally around your level (for making fighting against Walker swarms easier). Don’t rush to use your relocation item until you are 100% sure that the community’s members are active and that’s the community you want to be in. A solid community is the key to amazing progress in the game – and it makes everything a lot more fun!

Sending survivors on missions
There are different types of missions you can send your survivors on the main map – which is, by the way, huge:

– Resource supply runs: these are the most basic types of missions and are not risky. Basically, you send your survivors to collect various resources
– Unknown Supply runs: these are similar to the ones above, but shots will be fired. Rewards are usually better as you can get character covers
– Clear Walkers: as the name suggests, you send your crew to defeat a bunch of walkers. You can also get character covers from here, so it’s a mission you should focus on
– Walker Swarm battles: these can only be done together with other community members. The more people rally and the more walkers killed, the better the rewards
– Attacking other players: This can be a good way to farm on some resources. Use with caution as community members might retaliate!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Walking Dead: March to War. If you have additional strategies that you found working or some extra advice for beginners and veterans alike, let us know by sharing a comment below. Also, if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask as we’ll do our best to answer them to our best knowledge.

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