Tears of Themis is a Romance Detective game from Genshin Impact developers’ miHoYo that offers four male leads with different backgrounds, stories, professions, personalities, and aesthetics. Taking the role of the female main character, players can cultivate relationships with four male protagonists through video chats, calls, and character-specific stories.

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Vyn is one of the four male leads in Tears of Themis who is very calm and collected by himself. But when he is in front of the female lead, the story is different. In this article, we are going to share everything you need to know about Vyn.

Who is Vyn

Vyn is a famous psychologist who plays the role of Adjudicator in the NXX Investigation Team. For the past two years, Vyn has been focusing on criminal psychology. His work is quite known in Stellis city as he is a professional psychiatrist who has published many papers related to psychology.

In terms of personality, Vyn is a calm and collected person who always gives an elegant vibe.

General Information on Vyn

Here is some general information on Marius.

  • In Tears of Themis, Vyn’s age is 27 years.
  • Vyn’s birthday is on September 27.
  • Vyn’s height is 178 cm.
  • He is a professional Psychiatrist.
  • Vyn is the co-founder, owner, chief researcher of Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center.
  • Vyn was born in the Kingdom of Svart.

Who is the Voice Actor of Vyn in Tears of Themis

Vyn’s Japanese voice actor is Fukuyama Jun who has voiced many characters in Anime and other industries. He played the role of Aota Arashi in 7 Seeds, Tarou Kabachi in Ahiru no Sora, Nakano Kou in Ajin, and a plentitude of other roles.

  • Vyn’s Simplified Chinese VA – Jiang Guangtao
  • Vyn’s Traditional Chinese VA – Yu Cheng-Shen
  • Vyn’s Korean VA – Hwang Changyung

All Available Variants of Vyn(Gacha Character Cards)

Here are the different character cards of Vyn.

SSR Cards

  • Vyn “Heartfelt Suspense”
  • Vyn “Medieval Suspense”
  • Vyn “Near and Far”

SR Cards

  • Vyn “Cool Summer”
  • Vyn “Entrapped”
  • Vyn “False Tears”
  • Vyn “Gentleman’s Game”
  • Vyn “Lingering Warmth”
  • Vyn “Mended Heart”
  • Vyn “Mercury in Retrograde”
  • Vyn “Spilling Light”

R Cards

  • Vyn “A Hobby of Mine”
  • Vyn “Another Side of You”
  • Vyn “Elegance”
  • Vyn “Gentlemanly Courtesy”
  • Vyn “Leisure Time”
  • Vyn “Observations”
  • Vyn “Remaining in Control”
  • Vyn “Unexpected Letter”
  • Vyn “Unexpected Run-In”

How to Get Vyn

Players can use Visions to pull different variants of Vyn from Tears of Themis character banners.

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