Voodoo Mambo Guide: Tips & Tricks To Score Lots of Points

Let the voodoo take you in Voodoo Mambo, an inventive new bubble popping puzzle game. As a newly trained shaman, it is up to you to conjure up new spells and magic to dazzle your fellow shamans. Using pinch and drag gameplay, you will match bubbles and symbols to create awesome effects!

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In our Voodoo Mambo tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of being a shaman. We will teach you the core mechanics of the game and how to get lots of points, so let’s get started with our Voodoo Mambo tips and tricks strategy guide to score lots of points!

The Basics of Being a Shaman

Voodoo Mambo features a rather unique way of control. To combine the floating bubble runes, you have to pinch your screen as if you are zooming in or out of a picture. If you pinch two bubbles together, they will fuse into a bigger rune.

The most basic rune is a the red lightning bolt-looking rune. Combine two of these to earn 10 points and create a blue fork rune. Combine two of these to earn 20 points and create a white… crazy looking rune. Combine two of these to earn 30 points and create the ultimate green rune, the final form of the rune.

Combining two green runes grants you most points and you also create a special magic rune. Which magic rune you create is chosen at random, but they all provide you with special effects. Simply tap on the rune to activate it and watch it affect all of the other runes!

Those are the basics to playing Voodoo Mambo. Your time limit is at the top of the screen, and you just try to score as much as possible before your time runs out.

Green Rune Spell Effects

When you combine two green runes together, you will create a special magic rune, which can be activated by tapping on it, and some will also activate on their own. Here is a list of them and their effects!

The red bomb bubble will explode when you activate it, causing all of the bubbles to immediately be popped. You will gain a bunch of points for popping all rune bubbles!

The black hole will activate as soon as you merge two green runes together. The black hole will suck up anything that gets too close to it, and you will be awarded points for it. When the black hole appears, drag as many bubbles into it as you can to get the most amount of points.

The green cross magic rune needs to be activated manually, and it will upgrade all surrounding runes to the next level. So, for example, a red rune will turn into a blue rune, and so forth. Try to move a bunch of runes around it so that you get the most out of the upgrades.

Big Combos for Big Points

When you combine two runes together, your combo multiplier will increase. The first combination will start the multiplier at x2, then x4, x8, x16, and finally a whopping x32. When your multiplier is at x32, ANYTHING you do will net you a ton of points, and this is the key to getting high scores.

The main problem is that your combo multiplier does not last long at all. When you start a combo, you have to continue the combo by quickly making another rune. You have about a second before the combo multiplier resets, and if it does, you are back to x1.

You must be very quick with your fingers, and this is kind of tricky to do with the pinching maneuver. Practice makes perfect, so do not sweat it if you having trouble with the pinching technique. If it helps you, the pinching maneuver is easier to do if you twist your hands in different angles.

One more thing to keep in mind is that all magic spell runes are also affected by your combo multiplier. One of the best ways to earn a lot of points is to combine runes until you get a bomb rune, then wait until your multiplier is at x32, then detonate the bomb for big points. This also works with the black hole too – anything dropped into the black hole will be worth more points.

Use high combo multipliers in conjunction with magic spell runes in order to get the most bang for your buck!

Getting More Time

As we mentioned, the green bar at the top of the screen is your remaining time. The numbers below the meter is the required amount of points you need to get to the next “level”.

When you get enough points, you will move onto the next level. You will need to get more points to move on and your time limit will be shorter, but your time is refreshed however, so you can go into the new level fresh.

So, in order to keep moving from level to level, you need to match runes as fast as possible. Remember to set yourself up for the big combos, like the bomb spell rune with a high multiplier to get yourself enough points to move onto the next level.

Complete Achievements for Gold

There are hidden achievements that reward you with a bunch of gold for completing them. Normally you have to login with your Facebook account to see the challenges, but they are all score related, so you do not need to do this if you do not want to.

Even if you do not login, you can still complete the achievements to get the gold. You complete achievements for basically scoring high and passing certain amounts of levels, so just keep playing the game and the achievements should finish on their own.

Using some Boosters

Before you start a level, you can use your hard earned gold to start the game with some boosters to help you out.

  • The x2 booster will lock your minimum score multiplier to x2. This makes it easier to start bigger combos!
  • The time booster adds 5 more seconds onto your time. Helpful but not as helpful as the other boosters.
  • The bomb booster increases the radius of the bomb spell. The bomb spell’s base radius already seems to be quite big, so we are not too sure about this booster.
  • The black hole booster makes it last one second longer. Good for getting more points!
  • The level up booster increases the radius of the green cross spell, making it upgrade more surrounding runes.

Keep Practice to Get Faster

That is about all of the mechanics found in Voodoo Mambo. All you need to do now is just to practice to get better and faster at the game. The pinching mechanic is quite unorthodox and hard to get used to, but with enough rounds you should be able to get it down and be a pro at it. Do not give up and keep up the voodoo magic!

That’s all for our guide on Voodoo Mambo! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Voodoo Mambo Guide: Tips & Tricks To Score Lots of Points

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