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Vodobanka Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass More Levels

Vodobanka Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass More Levels

In today’s article we will share with you our Vodobanka tips and cheats to pass more levels and get to better understand this game!

Vodobanka is a fun yet simple game, which requires quite some strategic thinking, so that you can unlock more of the game content and rooms, and of course, new challenges! Because there are just so many things to learn and master in this game, then let me help you out!

So without further ado, let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Vodobanka tips and tricks right here below to teach you everything that you need to know in the game!

Always see the bigger picture

Whenever you are starting a new level, or any level for that matter, you should always first take a look at the map. Take an overview of the map and that way you will notice all of the places where you can go, and also spot the possible dangers.

I suggest that you always look at the routes as well, because you might not always spot the best one firstly. So try to check all possible alternatives and find the fastest solutions – also, the ones with the least casualties!

So keep in mind: it’s always best to check out the map before you head out and explore all the locations!

Play the campaign levels first

There are several types of levels in the game. The ones which you should be playing first and foremost should be he campaign levels. These will get increasingly more and more difficult, so try to pass as many as you can because they will prepare you for all the challenges that might appear in the game!

The campaign levels can be found by tapping on the Play button -> Campaign. There you will find a ton of creative levels to play through and test your strategic thinking. So just try passing them as you can until you’ve pretty much figured out the mechanics and then you’re ready to get on to the next level of game difficulty – the levels created by players!

Play the user-created levels

I would consider this to be the next level in terms of difficulty and gameplay. Here, other players have created their own levels with their own difficulties and traps and so on. You can try them all out and play as you wish, and even better – if you don’t like a level, just quit and try another one!

In the game there is the possibility for other players to create unique levels with all kinds of challenges. You can find these by tapping on the Play button -> User Levels. There you will see the name of the player which created it, as well as the name they gave to the level.

How to create your own level?

If you want to be able to create your own levels, then the game’s developer will require you to support him, by purchasing the full version of the game. That will unlock several other functions, among which a level creator which lets you create and post levels! So if you want to show off your creativity in this game, then you will have to buy it!

Enter the rooms cautiously

Whenever you are trying out a new level, you will notice that the unexplored rooms are grayed out. Some of the rooms will have “!”, “!!” or “?” marks inside there, which are there to help guide you on what encounters there will be!

Let me tell you how to handle each situation:

– “!” rooms: When you enter these rooms you should always tap on the Storm button then select a weapon, such as a flash grenade and then enter them. They are relatively easy encounters, but always make sure you throw a diversion before!

– “!!” rooms: These rooms are more dangerous – try to always go into them with the Storm option and there you can select two grenade types – such as smoke grenade and another diversion. These will help you keep your units alive and hopefully the hostages too!

– “?” rooms: In these rooms you can simply enter as you wish because they are not dangerous. Here you can discover hostages, so try not to enter using major force because you really don’t want to kill them or anything.

So really I suggest that you carefully assess each room individually and go in only after you’ve found the symbol in each one of them. If there is no symbol, then there might be absolutely nothing inside!

Play more to learn more!

Now this is another thing which you should take into consideration – the more you play, the better you will get at it! You can try every stage out there that you find, all the random stages and you will get better at it.

After all, practice makes perfect. So just make sure that you play as much as you can to figure out how much time you need to move from one area to the next, and so on. Try to head on to the player created levels and see what creations people have come up with!

Smoke grenades are your friends

You should throw out smoke grenades or flash grenades every time you have the chance because these will greatly distract the enemies in that room. After that, you are free to enter without them hitting your soldiers.

I suggest that you use the smoke grenades because they affect a big area, and they will allow you to slip past some distracted enemies unnoticed.

These would be all of our Vodobanka tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies to pass the levels? Share them with us and with the other players down in the comments section below!

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Vodobanka Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass More Levels


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