Ever wanted to become an internet star but didn’t want to put in the effort? Never fear, Vlogger Go Viral is here! Vlogger Go Viral is a self-proclaimed clicker game and vlog simulator. Click your way to fame as you produce content after content for your internet audience and try to become an internet sensation. We’ll help you on the way to stardom with our Vlogger Go Viral cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Read the comments!

After you publish your first video, you’ll begin to receive some comments on it. Reading them is crucial! As you’ll want to make videos on whatever is trending at the time, the comments are the only way to figure out what is popular. Read through them, and be sure to note which topics are mentioned the most, then do your next video on that topic. An easy way to note them is that every time a topic is mentioned, you’ll see a little icon for it. Dog for, well, dogs! Cake for food, and so forth.

2. Go for viral videos!

If you do manage to publish your video on the highest trending topic, your video will become viral and you’ll receive a 40% bonus to the amount of coins the video would have earned. Needless to say, pay attention to your comments and always try to cater to what your viewers want! You know, like any good vlogger would do! If you publish with a little bit of trend, you’ll receive a 20% bonus.

3. Tap with two fingers!

If you’re going to click your way to viral stardom, try to use two fingers. Position them like you’re doing the “V” symbol with your index and middle finger, then just start hammering away at the screen. This earns us the most progress with the least amount of energy.

4. Grab those coffee breaks!

Occasionally, while you’re typing away at your keyboard, you’ll see a coffee mug fly around your head. If you tap it, you will temporarily enter a hyper-energy mode where your next couple of taps will be worth double amount of progress. Sometimes, they’ll even give you diamonds – the premium currency – as a side bonus! Grab these coffee mugs as often as you can as they will reduce the amount of time each episode takes significantly.

5. Watch advertisements for the hyper coffee break!

Every now and then you’ll have the option to watch a short advertisement for a free hyper coffee break. You’ll see the button at the top right corner of the screen if it’s ready. Hyper coffee breaks work exactly like the regular coffee breaks except that they boost your progress taps by three times the normal amount! Taking advantage of these coffee breaks can cut down a huge chunk of your episode production time, so get these when possible!

That’s all for Vlogger Go Viral. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. You don’t need to click, if you’re on a mobile device you can skip the time, I’ve being playing for about 3 hours and already posted 41 videos (did this on iPhone, not sure if it works on Android)

  2. How do i make my videos not 1 week long because i did the date and time glitch but just for research reasons and it made my videos longer

  3. I haven’t gone viral since about 11 episodes ago. I’m really disappointed as I don’t know what’s currently trending!!! I get a lot of the same comments so I keep doing those videos but the most percentage I’ll get it 20! I do get a few comments requesting science, as that is the only topic I don’t have and so I’m trying to save up for it!!! (20 diamonds)

  4. Well I am asking because I have a channel and it’s very famous but I am new so I am the first one in the noob league. But now my new goal is to get to the top ones

    And thanks for the people who is subscribing of course ☺️

  5. I want to cheat because my fingers keep getting tired so I want someone to Make videos faster and become viral! I have tried Nitendo Sylist Pen to make videos faster but it Couldnt Help

  6. Alright been playing Vlogger:Go Viral! Already out of noon league on wanabee league so any comments about how do you comment YOU CANT COMMENT BTW I changed my time to fix it I wouldn’t do that so don’t just play the game normally then it will be easy Signing off for a while Vlogger:Go Viral Fan Player

  7. So everyone with the questions, you cant comment because the comments you eat CPU player or the computer, and how do you livestream you ask? When you go offline you livestream

  8. Is there a sure-fire way to getting viral videos? I even ended up tallying the hashtags, and I still get up 30% only. Is there really a method or is it just one of those low chances to get viral?

  9. Hey guys, im on the galaxy s8 and idk why this happ ens but whenever i press the home icon to upgrade my house, it just pops up with the items i already have, also whenever i try to uograde an item it counts it but the home page doesnt move, it just still says the same level and doesnt update…why? If you need ill send you a picture of what it looks like through snapchat or something. Sc: mbednarczyk27

    • So when i go outside it shows up, you know how you have the choice to get different rugs, or different cats? I dont have that choice, the options just arent there on my home page but when i go outside it works, i caj upgrade and downgrade all i want but idk why i cant do it in my home but i can do it outside. Any suggestions?

    • Where you select/upgrade your studio just under the green screen there is a “forbidden” square. If you click on it it will remove the green screen from your room. If you want if back you just have to Glock on the green screen icon again. Sorry for bad english

  10. You don’t have to tap with two fingers, try 3, I’ve been doing that from the time I started playing(which was a long long long time ago). Using 3 really helps. Steps: first put all your fingers above the screen then put ur first 3 fingers on the screen lastly get into a rhythm of taping the screen. Try not to hit both or many fingers on the screen at the same time. Hope this helps! <3

  11. You can also get the tapping tron for $2.99, which taps 10 times per second if you hold down on the screen or whatever you need to press.


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