Battle giant sea monsters with a crew of vikings in Viking Hunters! Viking Hunters is a simple yet challenging game of precision accuracy. Line up your ship and aim for the monster eyes – it’s the only way to take them out! Our Viking Hunters cheats and tips will help you master the different weapons and be able to distinguish the different monster behaviors.

It’s okay if you don’t get the hang of Viking Hunters right away, it’s a pretty challenging game. That’s why we’re here to help you out, so let’s get started with our Viking Hunters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Study monster movements!

The sea monsters vary from region to region, and they each have their own individual movement patterns. Studying them is the key to victory – you need to know when and where to place your shots!

Monster Bay: The monsters here like to stay a little bit offset from your current position. This is probably the easiest movement pattern to deal with, since the monsters tend to line themselves up with your attacks.

Frozen Sea: The giant squids here have grown accustomed to the chilly waters and prefer not to be disturbed. These squids will stray far, far away from you to avoid your attacks, and they will always try to hang out near the edge of the screen. Careful timing when going in for an attack is required, as your window of opportunity is very short!

Crimson Ocean: Dangerous hammerheads live in these volcanic trenches! Unlike the previous two species, hammerheads prefer to get up close and personal and they will try to stick as close as they can to your boat. You can actually take advantage of this by leading them into your attacks.

Upgrade your weapons evenly!

You will be using all three special weapons plus the default axe pretty much equally, so it’s in your best interest to upgrade them all evenly. Favoring one too much might make your other weapons too weak. However, if you really want to, you can pour all of your gold into upgrades for the default axe since that is your primary weapon.

Use the right weapon for the job!

The default axe is the weapon your ship will use automatically. It has decent range and a very distinguishable arc, so it’s pretty reliable to hit with. The damage is good, and once you practice enough you’ll be able to land hits easily. Upgrading the axe will make it deal more damage and you’ll throw more of them.

The first special weapon is the arrow. Your ship shoots out three arrows at a time in a large fan, so accuracy isn’t their strong point. They’re weak individually, but they can hit multiple targets since so many arrows fly out. Upgrading them will make even MORE arrows shoot out, so you can hail down a rain of death upon your foes!

The second special weapon is the harpoon. Harpoons travel far and have a high arc, but they are probably the strongest hitting single-hit weapons out of the three. You’ll need good aim to use these well, but mastering them will allow you to tear apart monsters with relative ease. Upgrade them to increase their damage even further and the amount of harpoons thrown.

The third and final special weapon is the hammer. These hammers have been blessed by Thor, so they emit thunder bursts upon contact. Hammers are slow and have short arcs, but their splash damage make them great for monsters with eyeballs clumped together.

Mastering each weapon’s nuances and tricks is very important to taking down monsters!

Hunt the right monsters!

You’ll need gold, pearls, and gems to improve your weapons at the blacksmith. Be sure you’re hunting in the right zone so that you get the materials you need. You get the most gold from Monster Bay, pearls from Frozen Sea, and gems from Crimson Ocean. If you’ve got the time, we recommend watching the endgame advertisement to double your haul.

That’s all for Viking Hunters! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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