Victoria 3: How To Build Economy – Guide

Players of Victoria 3 are required to use all of the economic expertise they possess in order to progress through the game. In order to maintain economic stability in your nation, you would have to deal with a great variety of different issues. On this page, you will find a complete Victoria 3: How to Build an Economy guide.

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About the Economy in Victoria 3

The economy is the fundamental driving force behind the success of any country. In order to be successful in Victoria 3, it is essential to have a solid understanding of how things operate, how to satisfy the needs of individuals, and how to determine appropriate pricing and taxes.

Working with a large number of people demands practice. However, there is no need to be concerned since the economic advice for Victoria 3 that is provided below will make it much simpler for you to administer the nation.

Key Aspects

Consumption is the primary factor driving the economy of Victoria 3 to begin with. In Victoria 3, you will discover that there are a total of four key consumers:

  • The government being the first of them.In order to meet the needs of its citizens, the government must make purchases of various items. 
  • Following that, we have a military that uses products in order to provide protection for its citizens.
  • Third, we have an industry that once again consumes commodities in order to provide increasingly complex goods to its population. 
  • Your pops are the last customer of the items, and they are also the largest consumer.You will need to make a significant financial investment in them since, should they flourish, everything else, including the economy, will flourish along with them. They will have a demand for high-quality items, which may be manufactured in the factories.

New Industries

The ability to generate significant profit is the single most important factor in the success of a new business venture. It’s possible to generate a high return early on by charging high pricing.

The building and construction business provides a good illustration for this point. The building sector places a significant demand for timber, which contributes to the commodity’s relatively high price.

The money is spent here by the government, and as a result, the value of your work will increase. You can maintain a lucrative business by growing the industry even if the prices drop. This is possible.

The wealth of pops will rise, which they will spend on other pops, resulting in the eventual acceleration of GDP growth. If you employ people to work in your home as maids or housekeepers, that money will remain in the country, which will assist your economy get off to a faster start.


Investigate your surroundings and see if there are any prospective buyers for the things you have in Abundance. This might be anything pleasant, like cigarettes or tea, for example.

You can upgrade the facilities for the populace by bringing in more money, which you can do by being its provider and bringing in more money. By establishing a variety of sectors, you may provide them with access to various employment prospects. Their level of life will improve as a result, and they will be able to establish more developed industries in order to raise their income.


The best thing to do in this situation is to begin free trading. However, before we address such concerns, let’s examine the reasons for our decision to uphold the free trade policy.

It is impossible for you to produce all of the commodities that you need unless you have complete control over the whole universe. There are likely to be a few of products that you manufacture on a greater scale and are proficient at manufacturing overall.

Therefore, the best course of action would be to engage in a trade with other nations whose products you want but which they are particularly skilled in making. In the long run, this will lead to a rise in the amount of commerce, as well as an increase in the level of competition in the market.

You will be able to broaden the scope of your industrial operations in this manner. You will essentially be industrializing the area around you, and as a result, you will generate a greater number of employment, which will lead to an increase in your tax revenue. And the economy will continue to expand.

Demand and Supply

This piece of advice is going to put all of your economics knowledge to the test since we are going to discuss demand and supply in their entirety. The demand and the supply are necessarily represented by buy orders and sell orders.

When you open the menu for the market, you will see that there are columns for both buy orders and sell orders below. Orders to buy indicate demand, while orders to sell indicate supply.

It’s really straightforward: the lower the cost of a certain thing will be if there are more of that commodity produced. If there is a decrease in output, there will be a greater demand, which will result in a lower supply and a higher price.

Therefore, you need to strike a balance in a manner that is to your advantage. For instance, if you expand your industries and begin producing more, the price will decrease because of the increased supply. It is not realistic to expect the industries to be able to cover their own costs. As a result, the tax will be decreased.

Populaces won’t be able to afford them if you raise the costs, which will lead to an increase in radicalism and may even trigger insurrection.

There are categories of merchandise. Some are considered to be luxuries, while others are considered to be needs. Some are considered to be industrial commodities, while others are considered to be armed goods.

The recommendation for this situation is to get one’s essentials at the lowest possible cost. They will become more affordable to more people, which will lead to an improvement in those individuals’ lives. They will have more money to spend on other things, such as art and furnishings, since they will have more money.

Maintain a high price for products of luxury. They will be purchased by more affluent groups of individuals, which will be beneficial to the economy as a whole.

Upgrading Infastructre

As your country’s standard of living improves and more people are able to afford to move there, you will need an increase in the size of your country’s infrastructure to ensure that everything continues to operate efficiently.

Even if money is required for development, this is something that cannot be avoided. It is unavoidable and will ultimately prove to be to our advantage.

Before you go ahead and build the infrastructure, there are several factors you need to bear in mind, such as the fact that its cash reserve is approximately 95%.

The high employment rate is the second point that you have to keep in mind, and you should keep in mind that it is. If there is a high rate of employment, the structures will have an easier time accommodating the expansions.

Money Market

While you are playing Victoria 3, certain figures will be shown in the upper left corner of the screen. The total amount of money you now own is displayed in the last column.

If the number in question is shown in green, it indicates that you have some money set aside. You are in possession of monetary resources. But if that number is in the red, it indicates that you have an outstanding balance.

What you need to do is ignore that amount altogether if it is highlighted in red. Having green numbers is not terrible. Despite the fact that they are excellent. On the other hand, if that amount is red, some nervous individuals will start to worry and will begin taking the incorrect methods to turn it green.

If it is red, this indicates that there is a greater amount of money moving about in the market. You have your money invested in the market, and it is truly elevating your economy thanks to your decision.

You are increasing the number of possibilities available and the quantity of items produced, both of which lead to an increase in the amount of tax revenue you receive. Therefore, it indicates that you have not suffered any kind of loss.

If the indicator for that number is green, it signifies that you do not need to replenish your funds. It is not producing any revenue for you; rather, it is simply sitting there doing nothing useful.

Mitigation Control

The amount of individuals migrating to your nation will grow if you remove the limits placed on their migration. It is possible that you should loosen restrictions on immigration in order to achieve your population growth goals if the quality of life of your citizens is already satisfactory.

There are a number of advantages that come along with having a larger population residing in your nation. The more pops you have, the more resources you will need to create, and ultimately you will have more people to tax since you will have more pops.

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Victoria 3: How To Build Economy – Guide

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