Victoria 3: How To Beat Western Frontier Expedition


On this page, you can find information about how to beat the Western Frontier Expedition in Victoria 3. You can receive Oregon Territory from the British for free if you follow this guide, and complete the incredibly difficult and tedious Frontier Expedition.

Research Pharmaceuticals first, then go on to Quinine, and you will have successfully activated the Journal entry. You won’t have any need to resort to nationalism for quite some time.

Now, based on what I’ve learned from previous trips, we strongly advise you to PUT OFF making this choice until after the trip is over. Taking land from Mexico, more especially California, will cause a glitch in the event, and it will fail every time it is done. This is the most crucial aspect.

To complete the full event chain, you will need to participate in three different adventures; however, obtaining the Oregon Trail excursion will be the most beneficial to you.


After doing study on the technology, you will be presented with the option to choose a leader when you finally get access to the decision. Choose commanders who have the explorer trait, if you have any available, since it will earn you more reputation if the voyage is successful. Aside from that, it does not have any impact on the probability of success, thus it does not matter all that much.
One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the commander will be “occupied” for the duration of the expedition. This means that if you need them for any conflicts, the soldiers they command will simply sit around doing nothing; you won’t be able to utilize them to attack or do anything else. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not delegate this responsibility to the Admiral who is in charge of your 25 flotillas, since he will be unable to take any action in the event that a conflict breaks out.

In addition, I have experienced bugs in which the expedition has finished, but the “busy” tag on the character remains even after the expedition has finished, or the character dies during the expedition but does not die in the game but remains busy even after dying. Choose someone who is in charge of the minimum potential force, as this will make the situation less frustrating in the event that it occurs.


The way that this works is that there will be a progress bar that will gradually fill up over time, and once it is full, you will have completed the task successfully. However, every so often you will be presented with a choice that you will need to make. This choice will either provide you further progress or grant you danger, the latter of which will result in the failure of the expedition if you take it to its maximum.
In practice, the majority of them provide either a “safe” choice that will extend the duration of the journey or a risky alternative that would hasten the pace of the journey. In most cases, I will start off by choosing the one that is riskier, but as the level of danger rises to medium, I will switch to the one that is less hazardous.


When faced with the choice between hunting and locating a settlement, I nearly always go for the settlement since the locals will typically assist you, but hunting may be risky and will often put you in jeopardy.

Wait till it gets dark, or continue anyway. I’m going to keep going until it’s clear that the risk to me is too great.

Always choose to save the infant above building a fort, even if you have the option of doing both. You will have an additional choice with the native village thanks to the baby, which will provide you less danger while also allowing you to make progress, which is fantastic. The fort will provide you with a choice like this on other trips that you go on in the future. The little quantity of respect gained by collecting plants is not enough to make it worthwhile.

Ascending the mountain often results in a significant amount of advancement, making the endeavor worthwhile provided that the level of danger is not excessive.

When you have finished all three missions, the year should be about 1845, however it might have been earlier depending on how fortunate you were. Even though I was unsuccessful in three of them, I was still able to complete them all by that time. Once the Midwest has been completely settled, Britain will hand up the Oregon Territory to you without question.
After that, all you have to do is pick the Manifest Destiny choice and battle the Mexican-American struggle

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Victoria 3: How To Beat Western Frontier Expedition


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