The cerebrally wonderful Venti Link by Andre Youkhna is a relaxing experience that will test the limitations of your brain. The game really breaks down a simple core mechanic like drawing a line across the screen to match up dots, and starts to deconstruct the idea to bend it towards all sorts of simple ways and manners. The premise is simple, as gamers must draw a small line and shoot it towards the colored dots, while avoiding the white ones. This is one of the strongest IOS experiences that gamers are going to play, as Link creates a perfect minimalist atmosphere that allows for the unique gameplay to shine through. With the puzzles quickly accelerating in difficulty, here are a few simple tips in allowing gamers to avoid pressing the skip button or even finishing the level without getting incredibly frustrated.

Take a look at these handy tips and tricks in order to solve some of the worst material that Venti Link has to throw at the gamer.

1. Lines can curve

This is something that the game attempts to teach players early on in the experience, but this is vital information towards the beginning, middle, and end of the game. Without curving lines in the proper order or without knowing that such a thing is possible, the title can be much harder than it is supposed to be. In fact, it could be downright impossible to even finish. There are several colored dots that gamers have to connect in between white pieces on different parts of the screen, and getting into the game without awareness can really stunt the growth and enjoyment of your adventures.

2. Use the power of the ricochet

Using the ricochet wisely can allow players to nail that last obstacle that is obstructed by a white circle with ease. When you are drawing a line directly towards a colored obstacle, chances are that your line is going to completely ricochet in the opposite direction of what you are aiming for. This can be really difficult when you are trying to line up the perfect line or scenario, but it can also be used to the player’s advantage. When you are trying to figure out how to exactly nail the target, using the ricochet to your advantage may mean completely finishing off the current level.

3. Use the skip button

I am not afraid to admit it; there was more than one time that I used the skip button during my experience with Venti Link. Some of the levels were frustrating, and had a higher difficulty curve than I was used to playing with. I was able to have more fun with the game by simply pressing the skip button on the occasion that the level I was playing threw too much strange obstacles, or required a strategy that I hadn’t quite nailed down to the correct technique that it was meant to be at. More importantly, IOS games should be fun and not some kind of homework that you have to finish no matter what. Have fun with the game and use the skip button at your leisure.

4. Be unencumbered

This is a game that is most effective at nighttime or even early in the morning, as the experience is something that must be discovered at your most serene state. With a clear head or even a slight case of insomnia, this an experience that is going to lull gamers to sleep even on a bad day. Venti Link is fun because of the atmosphere and gameplay. Without one or the other, the game wouldn’t be nearly as strong, so plan on playing in an environment that best suits the style of play.

5. Lines can be rounded

Sometimes, the white circles are very close to the colored ones, or they can be completely filling with the game of dots in the center. At times, a really important strategy that can be utilized is actually rounding all the lines that gamers are thrown. By taking these simple techniques and throwing them around or across edges, the line will follow the same pattern that it was initially thrown into. This can be utilized in tough spots where there are several white dots close to colored ones in ways that are usually impossible to work around in the straight colored shot. This is something that may sound complicated until it is actually used during play, but give it a shot.

6. Angle lines to shoot diagonally

At times, Venti Link can very closely resemble the game of eight-ball pool. By keeping all of your shots in order and knowing when to actually shoot the ball, both games use techniques that are similar to each other. One very useful strategy is angling the lines to shoot across towards the other side of the board. This strategy can likely get multiple uses in some of the different levels, and was helping me conquer the title easier than I would have without it. This could possibly be the most effective strategy in the game, so take note of it.

7. Try out older levels again by swiping backwards

Some levels have very similar techniques to other ones. By taking levels from before that were easier and trying out some older techniques, it can be significantly easier to take your new strategy back to the brand new level, and quickly come up with some strong ideas on where to take the game next.

8. Try everything

It is easy to draw a line, so trying everything just to see what actually sticks can be really helpful in your overall game experience. The title can sometimes be difficult, and curve the difficulty far too high. In order to avoid pressing the skip button every level, there is a bit of trial and error that is absolutely necessary. Using every technique that you are aware of can work to your personal benefit.



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