Veigar, the magic-seeking yordle of Bandle City, has arrived in Legends of Runeterra, the League of Legends collectible card game! Veigar brings with him shadowy magic of the arcane, enabling him to blast his foes with powerful dark energies. Whatever you do, don’t call him short!

Veigar is a Yordle card with 1 power and 4 health that costs 4 mana to summon. His special ability creates a Darkness card in your hand if you don’t already have one. At the beginning of a round, your current Darkness cards gain 1 extra damage. Veigar will also level up once he deals 12+ damage with Darkness cards.

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Veigar’s Darkness cards costs 3 mana to play, and they deal 2 base damage to an enemy while also slowing them. Remember that the Darkness cards in your hand grow stronger as each round goes on, so Veigar can unleash the mighty darkness for massive damage! He also has many support cards that can help him create Darkness cards if he doesn’t already have one.

When Veigar levels up, he becomes Grand Overseer Veigar! At this point, his Darkness cards gain the ability to target anything — that means Veigar can attack his opponent’s Nexus directly, even when they have active champions played!

Here’s the full list of Veigar’s cards:

  • Event Horizon (spell, 5 mana, fast) — Stuns an enemy, then stun all enemies with 2 or less power.
  • Darkbulb Acolyte (yordle, 2 mana, augment) — Create Darkness in hand if you don’t have one when summoned.
  • Tenor of Terror (yordle, 4 mana, impact) — When I’m summoned, if you’ve played a created card or killed a unit with a spell this game, summon a Bass of Burden.
  • Twisted Catalyzer (yordle, 2 mana) — Strike: Grant your Darkness everywhere 1 extra damage.
  • Wizened Wizard (yordle, 3 mana) — Round Start: Refill 1 spell mana.

Veigar and his many minions will officially join the game when the new expansion drops on August 25. Are you excited to try out Veigar? Let us know in the comments below!

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