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Vampire Survivors: Best Build to Beat Boss Rash

Vampire Survivors: Best Build to Beat Boss Rash
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Vampire Survivors looks like a casual game in which you always succeed. But in practice, you must brainstorm every time you play the game. This guide is created to make the game a little bit more straightforward. It will show you the best build to beat Boss Rash in Vampire Survivors.

How to Beat Boss Rash in Vampire Survivors

Boss Rash is one of the most complex maps in Vampire Survivors. It is a unique 15-minute sprint that forces you to push your limits and fight against every boss and miniboss you can meet in the game. Boss Rash is unlocked as you complete the Hyper Mode of five normal stages.

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First, you must ensure that you have maximally improved all Power-Ups except Curse. It significantly improves your character, putting you in a beneficial position even from the first seconds of Boss Rash.

After that, you need to proceed with selecting the character for Boss Rash. The best three are Gennaro, Scorej-Oni, or Suor Clerici. They are not only practical but also accessible. You can get them even if you don’t have much money. 

Once the round has started, you need to start choosing weapons and passive powers. Three must-have weapons are Lighting Ring, Axe, and Knife. They are effective even in the early stages of the game.

Try your best to unlock Randomazzo before starting to complete Boss Rash. It allows your Axe and Knife to gain up to three bounces and pass through enemies and walls. Be sure it will significantly improve your battle effectiveness.

That’s it with beating Boss Rash in Vampire Survivors. If you want to finish this game’s stage, update your weapons gradually. Focus on the primary weapon of your character first and then continue with those which can be evolved after reaching level 7. Also, we have a guide on how to kill Death in Vampire Survivors, make sure to check it out!

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Vampire Survivors: Best Build to Beat Boss Rash


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