How to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors – Boss Fight Guide


In Vampire Survivors, players fight through never ending hordes of enemies as they collect items and grow stronger. Once a player survives for 30 minutes in a stage, it is considered complete. However, Death, also referred to in-game as “The Reaper,” appears and quickly finishes off the player.

Although it may seem invincible at first, Death can actually be destroyed if you have the right setup. Today, we’ll show you how to kill Death in our Vampire Survivors boss fight guide!

Guide to defeating Death in Vampire Survivors

At exactly the 30:00 mark, all enemies currently on the screen are instantly destroyed. This is to make way for Death, as it’ll quickly charge the player, dealing a whopping 65,000 damage on impact. Needless to say, Death will probably kill you as soon as it spawns.

Despite dying to Death, this is seen as a formal way of ending the stage. As we mentioned, reaching the 30-minute point marks the stage as completed, and you’re rewarded bonus gold for making it that far.

However, with certain items and specific strategies, you can actually take down Death, and doing so for the first time will unlock a secret character, Mask of the Red Death.

So, just how the heck do you kill Death itself? Well, there are actually a few different ways, but in our experience, the most reliable and popular way involves the Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor weapons.

Crimson Shroud’s in-game description. We’ll explain the mechanics behind this strategy below.

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Both of these weapons are evolutions of lesser items, and they require you to complete a series of steps before they can even be obtained.

  1. Unlock the Moongolow stage, which is done by unlocking Hyper Mode on at least four normal stages. A stage’s Hyper Mode is unlocked by defeating a special boss that appears at the 25-minute mark.
  2. Enter Moongolow with a normal character. At the 15-minute mark, the screen gets distorted, and a boss called Trinacria will spawn; defeat it to enter a secret stage known as the Holy Forbidden.
  3. You will temporarily lose all your weapons and items, save for your default weapon. Quickly follow the green arrow around your character in the Holy Forbidden, as it’s pointing you towards the Yellow Sign relic.
  4. Now that you’ve collected the Yellow Sign, the Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, Silver Ring, and Gold Ring items can now spawn as stage items.
There’s a fake wall at the end that you can walk through that leads to the Yellow Sign.

For the Crimson Shroud, collect both pieces of the Metaglio and get them to level 9. Grab a Laurel and get it to at least level 7. Now, evolve a weapon through a boss chest to receive the Crimson Shroud.

For the Infinite Corridor, collect both the Silver and Gold Rings and get them to level 9. Grab a Clock Lancet and get it to at least level 7. Now, evolve a weapon through a boss chest to receive the Infinite Corridor.

So, how does this setup work? The Crimson Shroud caps incoming damage at a mere 10 damage, meaning Death will no longer be able to instantly kill you. The Crimson Shroud also retaliates upon losing charges, so Death will slowly kill itself while trying to kill you. Ironic, no?

To help speed up the process, the Infinite Corridor shoots freeze rays all around your character, then unleashes a prismatic wave that halves the HP of all nearby enemies. Since Death is packing 655,350 HP, the Infinite Corridor’s usefulness speaks for itself.

Once you have both the Crimson Shroud and the Infinite Corridor, taking down Death is a merely a matter of time. Taking down Death using this specific method rewards you with 5 Golden Eggs.

After a brief pause, the game’s camera will then ominously zoom in on you, and eventually another version of Death wearing a white robe appears and moves in on you. This is White Hand, and its purpose is to stop your run from going on forever, due to how strong Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor are.

That concludes our boss fight guide on how to kill Death in Vampire Survivors. What other methods do you have for taking down Death? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors – Boss Fight Guide


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