Riot Games Valorant is finally making its way to the mobile platform. The tactical first-person shooter lauded by the FPS community, Valorant is one of the frontline eSports title to release in recent years. After the announcement of its mobile counterpart, the Mobile Gaming community is wondering if Valorant Mobile will have a competitive scene or not.

Will there be a Competitive scene in Valorant Mobile?

There is no doubt that Valorant is a nuanced version of Counter Strike with Anime skins. The game offers a few game modes that are not much different from one another. As a PC game, Valorant is best suited for eSports. But, imagining a game like Valorant to have a mobile competitive scene is somewhat unrealistic. However, that is not the case.

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For a mobile game, the best form of advertisement is by having a competitive scene. In the past years, we have seen games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Mobile Legends and a plentitude of other titles have exponential growth, mainly because of the competitive scene.

Now one can counter this statement by saying “Only popular mobile games have a competitive scene”. While that is true, we should keep in mind that most of these games had their first tournament while they were in the early stages of popularity.

There is no information on whether Valorant Mobile will follow the footsteps of the original title or will it be a completely new experience. But, one thing we can say is that Valorant Mobile will have a competitive scene.

Without a competitive scene, Valorant Mobile will find it hard to survive. Especially, when we have games like PUBG Mobile New State and Apex Legends Mobile. Now, this is pure speculation, but we think Valorant Mobile will have a business model focused on microtransactions and sponsors.

We will update this article if we get any official information on Valorant Mobile eSports scene.

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