Valor Legends: Eternity is a gacha based 3D roleplaying game that features real-time intense battles, hundreds of unique heroes, endless trials, an idle gameplay mechanic, and many other things.

What sets the game apart from other gacha games is that you can share levels with your heroes. You can reset heroes to base level and get your invested resources back. It is a gamer-friendly feature that allows players to put together a diverse team every time they go into battle.

Introductions aside, Valor Legends: Eternity offers a plentitude of heroes divided into five classes, namely Warriors, Mages, Rangers, Priests, and Assassins. With the help of a tier list, players can get an idea of which character is good and which is not. It will also help players to create different team formations.

Valor Legends: Eternity Character Tier List

Here is our tier list for Valor Legends: Eternity.

S Tier

  • Yesacco (Warrior)
  • Lionel (Warrior)
  • Katarina (Warrior)
  • Eric (Warrior)
  • Olivia (Priests)
  • Flora (Priests)
  • Felix (Rangers)
  • Sellier (Rangers)
  • Yulvyin (Mages)
  • Raghnall (Mages)
  • Terrence (Assassins)

A Tier

  • Renaud (Warrior)
  • Patrus (Warrior)
  • Norton (Warrior)
  • Margaret (Priests)
  • Suvere (Priests)
  • Grigor (Priests)
  • Liv (Rangers)
  • Edwyrd (Rangers)
  • Diana (Rangers)
  • Brooke (Rangers)
  • Oche (Mages)
  • Sinclair (Mages)
  • Milton (Mages)
  • Achis (Mages)
  • Ramiel (Assassins)
  • Bally (Assassins)
  • Beelzebub (Assassins)
  • Garr (Assassins)
  • Bella (Assassins)
  • Sota (Assassins)

B Tier

  • Cardelin (Warrior)
  • Seth (Warrior)
  • Ayla (Warrior)
  • Waga (Priests)
  • Telwihr (Rangers)
  • Darby (Rangers)
  • Renee (Rangers)
  • Primo (Mages)
  • Gisela (Mages)
  • Frode (Mages)
  • Sota (Assassins)

That’s all for now. We will update the Valor Legends: Eternity tier list when a new character joins the existing roster of playable characters.

Valor Legends: Eternity is an action roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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