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Valheim: How to Get and Use Ancient Bark

Valheim: How to Get and Use Ancient Bark

Throughout your journey in Valheim, you’ll visit a variety of locales, in search of new materials and enemies. You will eventually reach the Swamps, a dreary place full of poisonous monsters. The Swamps are also home to some new materials, with one of them being Ancient Bark. Today, our Valheim guide will show you how to get and use Ancient Bark.

How to Get and Use Ancient Bark in Valheim

There are various goodies found exclusively in the Swamps that you’ll need in order to progress through Valheim, so gear up and prepare yourself, as there are lots of dangerous enemies that spawn there.

As soon as you step foot into any Swamp biome, you’ll notice the one defining feature of the Swamps: There are dead trees as far as the eye can see!

Looks can be deceiving, though—those dead trees are actually Ancient Trees, which are trees that have been around for a millennium. More importantly, these trees are the key to obtaining Ancient Bark.

Ancient Trees are all over the Swamps.

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If you’ve got at least a Bronze Axe or better, you can chop down the Ancient Trees to get some Ancient Bark. You should have bronze gear anyway, as the Swamps can take you down quickly if you’re still using low level gear, like leather armor.

Additionally, you can also find Ancient Bark inside Sunken Crypt chests. You’ll need to venture into the Sunken Crypts to get Scrap Iron and find out where Bonemass’ spawn points are anyway, so finding some Ancient Bark down there is a nice side bonus.

Ancient Bark can be used to craft a variety of items at your Forge and Workbench, including new weapons and buildings. Here’s a complete list of the things you can craft with Ancient Bark:


  • Ancient Bark Spear
  • Fang Spear
  • Battleaxe
  • Crystal Battleaxe
  • Draugr Fang
  • Iron Sledge
  • Frostner
  • Iron Buckler


  • Root Harnesk
  • Root Leggings
  • Root Mask


  • Bonfire
  • Butcher’s Table
  • Longship

That concludes our Valheim guide on how to get and use Ancient Bark. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Valheim: How to Get and Use Ancient Bark


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