Vainglory, the MOBA developed by Super Evil Megacorp, has managed to become quite successful on iOS devices also thanks to the support the game has been receiving, with frequent updates which add quite a few features to the game. And another update has been released recently, adding a new hero called Blackfeather as well as some other new interesting features.

Here are the full details of the new Vainglory update, including details on Blackfeather and much more.

Blackfeather is a striking duelist who pierces the hearts of his opponents. When building weapon items, he becomes a powerful assassin. Building crystal and utility items instead unlocks powerful effects for himself and his team. He performs well in the lane where he can focus on accumulating gold early in the match.

Heartthrob (Heroic Perk)
Blackfeather’s attacks and abilities apply Heartthrob stacks to enemies. This stacks twice on minions and monsters and up to five times on heroes and objectives. Any time stacks are added or refreshed, Blackfeather also deals bonus crystal damage for each stack of Heartthrob already on the target. Instead of energy, Blackfeather uses Focus for his abilities. Focus is capped at 100 and naturally regenerates 7.5 per second. Blackfeather also recovers an additional 10 focus for each basic attack he lands.

Feint of Heart (A)
Blackfeather lunges to his target and basic attacks. For the next 4 seconds, the target leaves behind a rose trail that grants Blackfeather and his allies move speed when moving through it. When this ability is used against a target with full Heartthrob stacks (shown as broken hearts), it will execute the target for bonus true damage based on the target’s missing health (capped against non-heroes). Overdrive: The rose trail also makes Blackfeather and allies unslowable. Additionally, the cooldown for Feint of Heart is reset if the target is killed within 0.5 seconds.

On Point (B)
Blackfeather pierces all enemies in a line, damaging them and applying a decaying slow for 1 second. The duration of this slow is increased by 0.3 seconds for each stack of Heartthrob on the target. If this hits at least one enemy hero, Blackfeather also gains a barrier that scales with a percentage of his bonus health and recovers focus. The amount of focus recovered is further increased with a percentage of his max energy and a percentage of his energy regen. Overdrive: On Point gains increased range.

Rose Offensive (Ultimate)
Blackfeather cuts through his opponents, basic attacking all enemies along his path. During the dash, Blackfeather is immune to negative effects and takes greatly reduced damage. This ability has 2 charges.

– Cloud Raider Vox Tier II
– SAWborg Tier III
– Death Metal Krul Tier III

– Now easier to party with friends by seeing how long they have been in a match.
– ‘Play Next?’ – Ask a friend in a match if they want to play the next one with you.
– See the guilds nearest to yours in the end-of-season rewards ladder.
– Heroes & announcer will speak in Chinese or Korean if you change your device language.
– When low on energy, your energy bar will flash red, alerting you and your allies.
– Changes to turrets, Kraken, jungle monsters and gold and experience
– To give you a safe haven, turrets now deal more damage to enemies taking consecutive hits!
– Kraken is now equally durable against weapon and crystal damage.
– Jungle monster individual experience values were adjusted.
– Includes item tweaks to Stormguard Banner, Reflex Block, Aftershock and more.
– Balance updates for Skye, Petal, Adagio, Celeste, Phinn and a few other heroes.
– Check the in-game News section for all the details.

– Heroes with high attack speed can now properly stutter step.
– Fortress’ wolves no longer get stuck on the platform.
– Ardan’s Blood for Blood now properly reacts when his ally takes damage.
– Koshka’s empowered attacks are slightly quicker to match her regular attack timing.

Vainglory is now available on the App Store.


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