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V4 Guide: Tips & Cheats To Kick-Start Your Journey

V4 Guide: Tips & Cheats To Kick-Start Your Journey

Welcome to the new world of V4, Nexon’s latest entry into the MMORPG genre for the mobile market. Choose from a variety of hero classes and dive into a vast and beautiful world rendered in full HD graphics. Go toe-to-toe with monsters using flashy and powerful skills, and develop your hero using tons of different customization options. How will your hero’s legend play out?

In Touch Tap Play’s V4 tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game and how to start the adventure strong. There is a lot to cover here with V4 being an MMO and all, so let’s get started with our V4 cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to kick-start your journey!

Auto-Play is your Friend

The one thing about V4 is that it is VERY friendly to casual players. The reason being is that a majority of the game can be played using the auto-play feature, which will put your hero on auto-pilot as they go from quest to quest. They will even automatically kill monsters for you!

If you tap on your current quest in the quest log at the top right corner of the screen, your hero will automatically start moving towards their destination, fighting anything and talking to anyone along the way. They will eventually complete the quest on their own without you having to do anything!

The ONLY time you need manual intervention is when a quest is completed. You can only turn in and accept new quests by manually tapping the quest again when your hero is done with the objective.

If you do not care for the game’s story, you can expedite auto-play even further. Go into the game’s settings, and go to the “Game” tab at the top. Scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the “Fast-Forward Dialogue” option and set it to “use”.

This will make it so that all quest NPC cutscenes are fast-forwarded through, so you do not even need to hit the Skip button – just sit back and watch your hero blaze through the quests.

Early on in the game, you will want to focus on increasing your CP (combat power) as fast as possible, and auto-play will help you do just that. Leave it on while you work on something else, and then come back every now and then to turn in quests and accept new ones.

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Drink Blessing Potions

As you progress through the main story and clear quests, you will earn various rewards. One of the rewards you will get are Blessing Potions, a vial full of teal-colored liquid. These things will double the experience points you get and make loot much more likely to drop from monsters.

You will also receive Blessing Potions from all the ongoing campaigns, like the new player celebration and launch celebration campaigns.

Blessing Potions come in different sizes, and the bigger ones will add more duration to the buff timer. A convenient thing about the potions is that they stack, meaning you can just down a bunch of them and not worry about the buff running out.

Having double experience points right from the get-go will help you level up much, much faster, so make sure to always have the Blessing Potion’s buff active.

Improve Potential

Now that we have the combat covered, it is time to move onto improving your CP and upgrading your hero’s fighting power. The first basic thing to do is improving your potential, which is governed by three different potential stones: valor, endurance, and insight.

Valor is the first and only one available to you at the start of the game. Valor improves your attack power. In order to improve your potential, you need to sacrifice old gear you do not use anymore to improve a stone.

Each piece of gear grants the stone experience, and when it reaches enough experience it will level up, granting you boosted stats. When you get new gear, make sure to use your outdated gear to level up your potential.

The endurance stone unlocks at hero level 40, and it grants defense bonuses. The insight stone unlocks at hero level 60, and it grants HP, parry, and critical rate bonuses.

You will not unlock these two stones for quite some time, so focus on pumping up your valor stone first.

Demon Stones

The next method of improving your CP is to imprint demon stones. Demon slates are magical disks that start out empty when you first unlock them.

To use a demon slate, you must spend imprint stones to power up and activate the demon stones within. Each demon stone will grant you a specific stat boost, and the same stone can be imprinted upon several times before it hits max level.

Demon stones are pretty straight forward – whenever you have an abundance of imprint stones, go ahead and auto-imprint and watch as the game automatically takes care of everything for you.

In addition to the regular demon stones, demon slates also have four auxiliary slots that can be equipped with encroaching stones. These stones offer bigger bonuses, and they can also be switched out for different stones.

When a demon slate is completely fitted out and at max level, the slate is considered completed and you can move onto the next one. The stats you gained from the slate are permanent, so you do not have to worry about losing them as you move onto the next demon slate.

Imprint stones are received as general rewards, so by doing the main and side quests you should be able to get a lot of them at a decent rate. You will also earn additional demon slates as you progress through the main questline.

Keep you Companions Busy

As you progress through the main story, you will eventually recruit companions to your cause. Each companion can be sent out on specific duties to help you gather resources or clear out monsters and earn materials.

For example, Evelyn will be your first companion. She can gather, so you can send her to any regions you have explored before to gather materials.

When you send a companion out, it takes a few hours for them to complete their duty. After the time passes, they will return along with the resources they gathered, and then they can be sent out again.

Before you send your companion out, you can see a list of potential items and materials they can find or monsters they can fight. You will not really see the benefits of this until you unlock crafting which is when you can actually use all of this stuff, but it does not hurt to get a headstart.

Analyze Monster Markings

When you defeat a monster, you will automatically note their markings. When you collect enough markings, you can analyze them in the Research tab of your inventory.

When you analyze markings, you will earn permanent boosts to your stats. Each monster has multiple levels to their markings, so you can defeat the same monster over and over again until you max out their markings.

You must manually analyze the markings to receive the stat boost, so make sure not to forget.

Hunt Demons for Gear

After a few hero level ups, you will unlock the ability to hunt down demon bounties. To do this, you have to search for the demons using either Single Detection or Max Detection.

You will be presented with a preset list of areas, and once you use a method of detection demons will appear in some of the areas. Detecting demons costs a special currency called Batra Maan, which can be acquired through alliance quests.

Single Detection will usually net you normal demon battles. These are relatively easy demons to fight, and winning against them will net you gear and currency. This is a great way to get gear to use for improving potential.

Max Detection will cost all of your remaining Batra Maan, but it will detect awakened demon battles. These battles are much harder than the normal demons, so come prepared. The gear that awakened demons drop is much better, however, so it is worth the risk.

You can see the CP of the demon you are going up against, so make sure your hero is strong enough to deal withe them.

Check out the Freebies

Like many mobile MMORPGs, the game bombards you with lots of check-in, new player celebration, etc, rewards at the beginning of the game. You can get a lot of freebies for simply logging into the game during the promotional period.

Many of the freebies V4 awards you with comes in the form of chests and boxes. You will not actually get any rewards until you open the chests, so make sure to look in your inventory from time to time to see if there is anything you can claim.

You get a lot of of helpful items, including Blessing Potions, various coins to use in special shops, enchanted gear that is designed to be used for improving potential, and plenty of food to give you temporary buffs.

Charge your Battery and Get Ready for the Journey

V4 is essentially an idle game disguised as an MMORPG with how much the game plays itself for you. As we mentioned, you can get by by just checking in every now and then to advance quests.

With that said, leveling in V4 takes quite some time. Most of the game’s main content will not unlock until at least level 40, and that can take a while to get to, even under the effects of a Blessing Potion.

Just keep completing the main quests, and do all the side quests as they appear for extra experience. Take the time to boost your hero’s stats when you start struggling, and then keep on grinding!

That’s all for V4! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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V4 Guide: Tips & Cheats To Kick-Start Your Journey


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