We here at Touch Tap Play thoroughly enjoy quirky puzzle games that are centralized around one main mechanic. Fittingly enough, the mobile device is the perfect platform for these kinds of games to thrive and experiment. Today, we received such a game that asks us the age old question: what if death wasn’t the end?

Persephone is an isometric puzzle adventure. Persephone must journey through the underworld to rescue her beloved husband Hades from an overgrown stalk! She must literally get to the root of the problem, as the only way to take out this giant eyeball stalk is from the core.

But, the underworld being the underworld, the path forward will be a perilous one. Traps and obstacles are abound. Persphone can move from tile to tile, but eventually she will come across a trap she cannot pass safely.

If Persephone is slain during a level, she respawns at the last checkpoint marker. However, her body remains where she was felled, and you must actually utilize this to solve certain puzzles. Can’t reach the exit because of spike traps? Simply throw yourself into the spikes and cross over them using your own body!

It’s rather morbid when you think about it, but Persephone’s use of purposefully dying creates an interesting set of puzzles for you to think about. Persephone’s bodies can be used to block arrow traps, create platforms, and more. You’ll need to think outside of your current life in order to solve some of these puzzles!

Persephone is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 3.99 USD.


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