Roblox Project Ghoul Kakuja update is finally here. The new update adds three new Kakuja’s, new game effects, status effects while fixing ranked matches, and a few other issues. The update even gave rise to two new redeem codes that you can use to get a ton of free Yen, Cells, and other items. 

In this Roblox Project Ghoul guide, we share the official patch notes for the Kakuja update. 

Update Patch Notes for Roblox Project Ghoul Kakuja

Here are the complete patch notes for Roblox Project Ghoul’s Kakuja update:

Source – Project Ghoul Official Discord


  • 3 NEW KAKUJAS: T-Owl, Centipede & Jason
  • 2 new boss drops from Kuzen: “Bloody” mask for Ghouls and rogue, and a case for CCG
  • 3 new status effects! 
  • Applies a new status effect – Daze: Slows players’ movement speed and makes them unable to attack and block for a certain time. (doesn’t slow NPC and they’re unable to attack for a longer timespan than players)
  • Applies new status effect Rage: (Mind investing points in hunger) Trades a portion of hunger to apply damage and speed buffs. 
  • Applies a new status effect Knockback: Knockbacks and disables attack & block for 0.5s.


  • Fixed hunger replenish not scale with hunger stat 


  • Changed how HP scaling works, now it’s worth going Rogue as CCG. And the difference between races feels better. Maybe something more, I don’t remember sorry. 


  • LoveJay – 30 spins, 50k YEN, 20 mins of X2
  • KakujasAreHere – 5k RC Cells and 600 materials

That’s it. Did you like the new update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Update Patch Notes for Roblox Project Ghoul Kakuja


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