Once upon a time, there lived a great king in a beautiful kingdom. He had a son who he treasured very much, and they often went out exploring together. Sadly, the King’s boy is lost to a climbing accident.

Stricken with grief, the King lashes out. His boy loved ocean-colored birds, so the King decided to capture all the birds that roamed their kingdom and trap them inside cages. By doing so, the wind in the sky became eerily quiet, and now you must restore it back to its former glory.

And thus, The Birdcage starts proper. In order to restore the kingdom’s wind, you will need to free all of the ocean-colored birds from their cages. It isn’t as easy as finding the key and unlocking the cage – each cage has a mechanism that will challenge your core thinking. It is a unique and interesting take on the puzzle adventure!

In a way, The Birdcage is sort of like those escape room games that are popular nowadays, except it isn’t you who is doing the escaping, it’s the birds! You will need to think outside of the box to understand some of these mechanisms, so get your thinking caps on.

The Birdcage features simple and intuitive touch controls, lots of puzzles to wrap your head around, gorgeous HD visuals, and a chilling and atmospheric soundtrack. There are 21 golden cages for you to work with, so get to work!

For added immersion, The Birdcage also features an AR mode that lets you solve the puzzles in real-life. Watch as the golden cages and birds come enter reality – you will need to physically move around the cages to solve the puzzles.

The Birdcage is available now on the iOS App Store.


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