Ever wanted to feel like a god? A god that can sling mighty spells around the battlefield and challenge all that oppose them? Game of Gods has got you covered, a new real-time strategy action game from the same minds that brought us Noblemen: 1896.

In Game of Gods, players will rise into power by taking the role of an all-powerful god. Through the singleplayer adventure, players will travel across the land. Will you be a peaceful and understanding god? Or will you crush your enemies beneath your heel? Save humanity or destroy it – the choice is yours.

Your god will wield powerful spells that can be dragged and dropped around the battlefield. Each spell has an elemental property, and these elements can interact with the environment. Fire spells will burn shrubbery and trees, while lightning spells will electrify water. Using these interactions is the key to victory!

Your god’s spell arsenal can be changed at any time, but you can also change the look of them as well. Collect a variety of armor sets, mutations, gifts, and more to really customize your look.

And this will be important once you head into the co-op multiplayer battles. You can join groups of other players and defend important sites against large scale invasions. You will need to work together in order to bring down an army of this size!

Game of Gods will go live on the App Store and Google Play Store next week on March 21.


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