Unity Games have just presented their latest project, the impressive RPG Archangel, a game that puts you in the shoes of a worm tasked with saving furry kittens and bunnies. Nah, I’m kidding actually – in the upcoming RPG, you play as an Archangel sent to inflict a justice so brutal and uncompromising over the forces of evil that decided to rise up against the heavenly rules. Now that’s clearly a lot more interesting than saving kittens, right?

With amazing graphics, Archangel for iPhone and iPad promises a classic dungeon crawling adventure filled with monsters to defeat and loot to put into your inventory. The touch controls of the game seem to be pretty interesting too, with the trailer showing some gesture based spell casting options that will surely make the game extremely interesting and at the same time challenging.


Check out the trailer below to see the Archangel in action:

The game launches tomorrow, January 9th on the App Store, so make sure to get it!



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