Unison League is a recently launched iPhone and iPad game with a great concept: you can bring your friends to battle and go in live, real time battles together with your guild members and strangers. A really nice feature that makes an otherwise not so revolutionary game a lot better.

But we’re not here to praise the game – we’re here to talk some strategy and Unison League cheats and tips that will help you keep your winning streak running and your guild members happy. So read on for some Unison League tips and strategy advice!

Take advantage of the beginner spawns
You are limited to 5 Beginner Spawns (maximum) during the first 14 days of play time. Make sure that you use your Gems on those to get super deals in terms of weapons, characters and whatnot. It’s also a great way to get a head start into battle.

Join an active Guild
Ideally, join forces with your friends and create a clan. If that can’t be done, go Clan hopping until you find an active one, where members donate and are online, ideally, at the same time – this gives you boosts and bonuses in combat and makes it a lot easier for you to complete the missions.

Selecting best gear & alloting points
You can select one main item and various sub items in different categories to boost the stats of your character. Although it’s pretty obvious that you should use the best gear that you have, you also need to pay attention to the cost of each item.

You start up with 20 points of value in each category, but you will gain extra points which you can split as you see fit in all categories. My suggestion is not to spend any points for a while – at least not until you get to see exactly what equipment you have and where are the biggest costs because, in the end, all types of equipment influence the same basic stats.

Don’t change class
Although it’s perfectly safe (and free) for you to try new classes – I would suggest to stick to one and only one. You don’t have enough Proficenct points to fully master all classes (or multiple ones), so stick to what you already have. Differences are not that big and gameplay-wise things are almost identical.

Augment your best items
There is a limit of 60 pieces of equipment that you can have, so it’s best to use the extra items (with worse stats) to improve the ones that you already have. I would suggest augmenting only the rarest, best items that you have – and start with one in each category because you will always get better items as you play and unlock new chests. Only as a last resort go and sell your equipment for extra money – but remember, that’s basically lost item XP right there!

Check the reforging materials
You should always know exactly what items are needed to reforge (basically evolve) the items that you want to reforge, and make sure you don’t sell those. You can go the safe route and store them in the Gear Locker (tap the Menu button and find it there) – reforging materials are extremely difficult to collect for a complete reforge, so prepare to spend quite some time on gathering the required materials.

Send your pets on expeditions
Every few hours, you can send your pet (Limimin) on expeditions. They will return with free items and goodies, so make sure to send them away as often as possible!

Replay older quests
If you get to a point where enemies are too difficult for you to take on even with active people playing the game, then you should go back and replay older missions and grind on those until you level up, get better gear or improve your current gear to decent levels so that you are competitive again. That’s the only way to do it!

In the end, Unison League is a game that requires a lot of dedication from you, so make sure that you offer – be active, log in daily, help your friends and the guild and you will get really far and get the best possible equipment!

If you have other tips and tricks for fellow Unison League players, don’t hesitate to share them below!



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