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Unison League Cheats: Tips & Guide to Level Up Fast

Unison League Cheats: Tips & Guide to Level Up Fast

The RPG Unison League probably captured you too with its million lootboxes, lottos and cute graphics since you’re here. Like us all, you might be wondering how to level up fast and be able to get some Ultra Rare (UR) gears and get some cute (and not completely useless) companions in the meantime.

In our Unison League guide we will share with you all the tips and tricks you need to know, so worry not, warrior! We’ve got your back!

To kick things off, we will start by mentioning that the game has gear qualities: N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare), SSR (SUPER Super Rare), UR (Ultra Rare), where N is the lowest and UR is the best. Keep these in mind because you’ll see the terms quite a lot in our guide!

Choose a class wisely!

When you first create a character, you can choose one of the five classes available. Each class has three subsequent classes that you evolve into, so once you’ve gathered enough proficiency points in game you can get to the next tier.

ATK = attack (physical)

DEF = defense (physical)

MATK = magic attack

MDEF = magic defense


This is the tank class, the stats you will need to prioritize here are the ATK/DEF, MDEF, MATK.

Beginner Class: Soldier / Knight / Paladin

Advanced Class: General / Royal Protector

PvP: Strong vs Archer / Weak vs Mage


They are the debuffers and damage dealers, especially great in dealing critical strikes. They specialize in ATK, then DEF and MDEF and MATK.

Beginner Class: Lancer / High Lancer / Dragoon

Advanced Class: Archdragoon / Executioner

PvP: Strong vs Mage / Weak vs Archer

Mage (my favorite)

They deal massive AoE damage, debuff the enemies and buff the allies. Basically has everything. The priority of their skills is: MATK, DEF, MDEF and then ATK.

Beginner Class: Mage / Sorcerer / High Sorcerer

Advanced Class: Wizard / Arcana Lord

PvP: Strong vs Soldier / Weak vs Lancer


Like in many games, there has to be a weirder class amongst the others. Well, that one is Archer and they do a little bit of everything (no joke, damage and support, debuffs and buffs, but none to the level of the specialized classes). To play Archer, you specialize in this order: MATK/ATK, MDEF/DEF. You choose.

Beginner Class: Archer / Hunter / Ranger

Advanced Class: Marksman / Sniper

PvP: Strong vs Lancer / Weak vs Soldier


The healer of the group, they are basically the omnipotent being whenever needed. If you have a bunch of friends to play with, definitely go Cleric if you like the support life. However, you might be the first target once you adventure into the Guild Battles. Prioritize this: MATK / MDEF, DEF, ATK.

Beginner Class: Cleric / Priest / Bishop

Advanced Class: Oracle / Cardinal

PvP: You’ll probably be the target of everyone, so have fun surviving that.

Complete quests for awesome rewards

By completing the normal quests you will gain a ton of exp and levels, and also gems and gold. As you progress through the quests, you will unlock new areas and the quests will get progressively more difficult by the stage.

At the end you might be lucky to get double rewards from watching an ad, which is something I suggest you do since it’s well worth it.

By completing quests, your level will increase, which means your stats increase too. That’s a great thing for when you will face later challenges and for unlocking some certain instances where you will need a certain gear score and rank. Once you complete quests, if you complete all objectives, you will get a gem.

Spawn is your friend

*as well as it is addictive

The fact of the matter is that by spawning, you will get some amazing stuff (if you’re lucky). From gears to companions and furniture, anything could be spawned here. 

The options in the Spawn menu are these:

Free – A free Spawn you get once/day and you get 10 gems of random quality

Beginner – A Spawn you do once per account, where you get a guaranteed UR.

Challenge – Spawns has a chance to give you exclusive Monsters

Rare – Spawns rarity R or higher Gear

Box – Requires 1 Box Spawn Ticket and it can give anything from gear to companions.

Furniture – Can be spawned with Gems or Medals and it spawns random furniture pieces

Ticket – Use tickets to Spawn Gear

FP – Use FP (friendship points) to get free Spawns

The game also has plenty events that you can save your gems for, and use them to get the maximum profit. There are events such as Cyber Monday Spawns, Special Spawns, Black Friday, BOX Spawns, Treasure Spawns, Vessel Spawns and Queen of Hearts Box. These events don’t last forever, so make sure you use your gems in game to get the best out of them.

Join an active guild

As in many other games, joining a guild that is active is important, so when you decide where you would like to join, give it a good wait before jumping head-first into the first available guild you see. Here, once contributing, you will get buffs and skills, so the higher your contribution and thee guild level, the better rewards you will get.

Another Unison League trick you shouldn’t forget about is the chat rooms! An awesome place to find people to help in quests and to ask them to visit your room. You can talk to other players and make new friends by joining different chat rooms (preferably the more populated ones), so don’t waste any more time and head on there to make a few in-game friends.

With a good guild, there will be plenty to enjoy. One of the perks is the Guild vs Guild Battle. That’s a great opportunity to show off your costume (if you’re like me and are proud to show the others your acquisitions) and also prove your PvP skills.

The power of friendship is strong with this one

What you will need to do is quite simple. Make tons of friends and help each other! As I said before, having friends is important in Unison League because they basically make the burden of leveling so much easier on you.

As you help other people, the AP you use to do a quest is 0 (if the people you help are below level 20) and as you level up it keeps restoring (also with time, since you get AP every 3 minutes). To better make use of this when your levels get higher and it gets harder for you to go alone, try adventuring onto the lower levels and help people there.

Once you’ve befriended some people, they will level up and join the areas you have difficulty on and your party will be completed in no time. If you feel like you don’t want to socialize and make friends (boo-hoo) try leveling another character, maybe try a new class!

Cost allocation is a real pain

If you don’t know yet what I mean, you haven’t played enough. The serious thing about this, is that if you mess this up, you should start a new character because it costs crazy money (a.k.a. Gems) to reset. But if you haven’t yet messed it up here, I’ve got the perfect guidelines for you to follow.

First, you need to know that the base cost for all your gears starts at 20 and increases by 1 every 5 levels, and by 2 every 10 levels. You also get 2 points every time you level you, so you can freely allocate them.

Once you decide what class you want to play, try calculating the cost approximately and think about it before investing these points. If you were lucky enough to get some UR gear, think about what you need in order to use it. Else, just try to decide on what you would like to focus and allocate the points there.

Do not Auto! The game does a really bad job (your job actually), so try to do it yourself instead of leaving it to the game’s AI. It will just allocate the points equally, and you will find yourself unable to wear the gears you want later on.

Use your Gear Locker, else sell!

It is there for a reason, so use it! Put away all the items you do not want to use anytime soon, or just store away materials you plan on using later on. The Gear Locker has the first 10 slots available for free, but after you can expand it to have many more slots!

If you did some quests, you’re bound to receive some items that you do not like and most likely will never use in your entire gameplay. If that’s the case, just sell those unwanted items and get tons of gold in return.

Reforge and level your gear like a pro  

If you didn’t know, the gear has the ability to be leveled up. Depending on the quality of that gear, you can level it from maximum level 10 to maximum level 70.

N Tier: Max level 10

R Tier: Max level 30

SR Tier: Max level 45

SSR Tier: Max level 60

UR Tier: Max level 70

If you have some really cool items (be it gear, monsters or weapons) once you gathered the required materials for that specific gear, go ahead and reforge it! By reforging, the reforged thing will get increased stats and a changed look usually. To reforge it is going to cost quite a high amount of gold coins and it will require some materials too, so make sure you stock up on these from the normal quests and rewards.

When you are ready to reforge the gear, make sure it has the highest level it can get because after reforging is done, it will be reset and you will have to level it up again (sounds fun, eh?).

Design your own room

If you are passionate about design as much as I am, you’re gonna have a blast doing this little thing called designing your room. You can get furniture from Spawn, and by getting Likes to your room from other players, you will become more popular (your Room Rank will increase) and so will the number of items you can place in your room.

When you equip furniture that has stats, they will be an advantage when questing and going on events, so create something pretty and interesting for all to see, and don’t neglect the room (keep it tidy, as your mom used to bug you about it when you were little)!

That’s all the Unison League tips and tricks we gathered so far, we hope they will come in handy when starting a new character or choosing to level up as another class. If you know some cool tips, don’t keep them to yourself because we would like to know! Share them with us and the other players down in the comments!

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Unison League Cheats: Tips & Guide to Level Up Fast


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