There are quite a few titles on the App Stroe that use gyroscopic controls to create some unique gameplay experiences. No title until now has used them, however, to turn your iOS device into a sword to slash things around. Bonsai Slice’s gameplay experience is all based around using your device to slash things around like milk carton, doughnuts, apples and more.

Bonsai Slice feels really fresh thanks to its controls. It also makes a simple gameplay experience really hectic and engaging, considering there’s also a time limit in place. More time and better swords can also be purchased with the coins you will obtain, allowing you to get more points and time. Unfortunately the gameplay experience doesn’t stay fresh for long, since the game is somewhat repetitive. Once you have learned most patterns and how to slice things effectively, there won’t be much more to do in the game. It still manages to be fun, especially when played in really short bursts. It’s a type of intense experience that can hardly be found in the App Store.

Bonsai Slice is now available on the App Store for $2.99. The game also includes some IAPs that are in no way required to fully enjoying the game.


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